Beyond Happily Ever After: 5 Strategies for a Radical Relationship

Is a “good” relationship good enough for you?

All couples want a “good” relationship and live happily ever after together, but is “good” enough? In the past a “good” relationship was commonly defined as not having problems. In today’s world, couples seek fulfillment in their relationship and the simple absence of problems just isn’t good enough anymore.

Even “good” relationships are exciting when new, then can quickly get dull and routine. Little problems of everyday living start to pile up and interfere with the closeness and intimacy we really want.

But we tell ourselves that this is as close as we can get to living happily ever after, while deep down inside we’re asking ourselves, “Is this all there is?”

We feel selfish, ungrateful, unfaithful, and unrealistic for wanting more for our life and relationship.

Here’s a dirty little secret of relationship happiness – “good” can become suffocating if the relationship is stuck in routine and not continuing to evolve.

The Journey Beyond Happily Ever After

In this program we explore one of life’s greatest adventures- the couple relationship, and how singles and couples can experience the love and fulfillment you really want… beyond “happily ever after.”

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