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If you want world-class relationship coach training AND the support to build a highly successful relationship coaching practice, you’re in the right place!

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With Relationship Coaching Institute, you are part of a community.

Live & Self-Study Training

Learn via an online “classroom” and weekly calls with an instructor and class mates, using the telephone or Skype; or learn via a self-study program at your own pace.


It’s important that your clients and potential clients trust you and your skills. Relationship Coaching Institute offers a clear path to help you become a certified Relationship Coach.


Relationship Coaching Institute provides all the tools you need; plus an easy-to-follow system to start and build a highly successful relationship coaching business.

Support & Mentoring

Most new coaches fail because they’re struggling on their own. We are the ONLY coach training organization that includes private mentoring and on-going support.

Ready to make your passion your profession as a relationship coach?

Whether you already serve the public as a helping professional, minister, or coach, or if you are looking to make a career change, we have the program for you!

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What Our Members are Saying…

  • Megan Darling
    The RCI coaching program is the absolute best in it’s field.   The concepts and content are exceptional.  RCI is helping couples worldwide to live an emotionally healthier and more connected life together.
    Megan Darling
  • “RCI provides a huge amount of resources, assistance, training, business development and so much more. I have met some wonderful people during the training (more…)
    Patricia Lavigne
  • “RCI offers excellent training in relationship coaching – for singles as well as for couples – and teaches how to run a profitable coaching business. (more…)
    Uta Demontis, PhD
  • “I first trained with RCI in 2002 and still actively use all I learned and all of their fabulous, always-evolving resources — it really is the gift that keeps on giving! (more…)
    Deborah Roth, MA, PCC
  • “RCI provides top training to help you on your journey to be a highly profitable coach. It is not enough to just have good coaching skills. You need to be able to know how to market your programs and put yourself out there. (more…)
    Gina Daniels
  • "RCI is my best investment so far in coaching education and business building. Great trainings, step by step plan on how to build a successful practice and daily support with all kinds of questions and concerns re: clients and my business.”
    Anna Osiecka
  • “I am a certified relationship specialist with over 28 years experience as a counselor but had no idea how to start and run my own business. I found RCI was blown away with the amount of training and knowledge they offer. (more…)
    Lori Ann Davis

From the Blog

Making Important, Life Changing Decisions

Q: How can I get help to make a big life-changing decision, such as changing careers or deciding whether to have kids? Should I see a therapist first? After more than 40 years as a counselor, then therapist, then coach, I can tell you that the most important thing needed for important life decisions is Clarity. Clarity about who you are and what you want, meaning your big picture, long term

Filter Off – New resource for hosting virtual events for singles

I've been corresponding with the folks at Filter Off, a new video speed dating platform that enables coaches and matchmakers to host virtual dating event, at no charge! While it's free to host and attend events, users become part of the Filter Off community and receive their newsletter, push notifications, and eventually promos for a premium service. As you might know, in 1997 I was able to

Coaching Hope and Goals vs. Attachment and Fear

Here's a recent question from an RCI trainee- "What is the best response when your client tells you he/she will not be okay if it does not work out how they hope." Before we address this common situation, let's define terms: Hope: A desire for something to happen. Goal: A particular desired end result. Attachment: (in the context of goals) Investment in a specific outcome or

It's All About Love!

  • A Schedule You'll Love!
    • Monday: Business Building
    • Tuesday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Wednesday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Thursday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Friday: Day Off!
  • Clients You'll Love!
    • Coach 1 Hour Per Week
    • Charge $500 Per Month
    • Work With Just 12 Clients
  • Results You'll Love!
    • Coach 12 Hours Per Week
    • Build Your Business 1 Day Per Week
    • 3 Day Weekends!
    • 12 Clients X $500/Month = $72,000 Per Year

You'll Love Your Coaching Business!