Make a real difference in the world AND have a life and career that is rewarding, lucrative, and fun!

If you want world-class relationship coach training AND the support to build a highly successful relationship coaching practice, you’re in the right place!

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With Relationship Coaching Institute, you are part of a community.

Live & Self-Study Training

Learn via an online “classroom” and weekly calls with an instructor and class mates, using the telephone or Skype; or learn via a self-study program at your own pace.


It’s important that your clients and potential clients trust you and your skills. Relationship Coaching Institute offers a clear path to help you become a certified Relationship Coach.


Relationship Coaching Institute provides all the tools you need; plus an easy-to-follow system to start and build a highly successful relationship coaching business.

Support & Mentoring

Most new coaches fail because they’re struggling on their own. We are the ONLY coach training organization that includes private mentoring and on-going support.

Ready to make your passion your profession as a relationship coach?

Whether you already serve the public as a helping professional, minister, or coach, or if you are looking to make a career change, we have the program for you!

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A Short History of Relationship Coaching Institute

To kick off our 25th anniversary, here's a short history of how RCI got started, organized in a series of seven "epiphanies." Epiphany #1: Coaching is the future of the helping professions. In 1996 I stumbled upon coaching when a friend in my men's organization announced he was in training to become a "Life Coach," which I was honestly shocked and appalled by. But he was a friend so I kept

Asking Permission in Life and Relationship Coaching

As life and relationship coaches our primary goal and all of our coaching skills are focused on empowering our clients. Why? Because playing the role of expert consultant by giving our clients advice and  opinion of what we think they "should" do as well as other directive activities is dis-empowering, we refer to them as "non-coach-like," and they just don't work when applied to helping a

FAQ: Can Relationship Requirements be Flexible?

FAQ: Can Relationship Requirements be flexible? We're making all this stuff up. There is no scientific study or evidence about the existence and behavior of Requirements so nobody, including me, gets to have the last word about it. First, a bit of background about what prompted this FAQ: You may or may not know that in 2017 Darlene and I sold our house in Silicon Valley where we raised our

It's All About Love!

  • A Schedule You'll Love!
    • Monday: Business Building
    • Tuesday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Wednesday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Thursday: Coach 4 Clients
    • Friday: Day Off!
  • Clients You'll Love!
    • Coach 1 Hour Per Week
    • Charge $500 Per Month
    • Work With Just 12 Clients
  • Results You'll Love!
    • Coach 12 Hours Per Week
    • Build Your Business 1 Day Per Week
    • 3 Day Weekends!
    • 12 Clients X $500/Month = $72,000 Per Year

You'll Love Your Coaching Business!