How to Create and Conduct Webinars That Get Coaching Clients

Webinars are incredibly effective for generating clients, filling group coaching programs, selling products, and much more. In today’s world where most marketing happens on the internet, webinars are one of the most effective and affordable ways to build your coaching business.

Did you know there are different types or purposes of webinars?

– Lead generation
– Client enrollment (individual and group programs)
– Product sales
– Valuable content for customers/members/clients (like this one)
– Product creation
– And more

In this jam-packed 2 1/2 hour training “webinar on webinars” Rob Goyette of and I share everything we’ve learned from our decades of experience marketing coaching on the internet.

Grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and access the recorded training here

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For your convenience, here are some the recommended resources mentioned in this program:

* for the easiest to use, most reliable and feature-rich platform for webinars, tele-seminars, and conference calls (see the recording link above for an example).

* for our preferred platform for hosting effective automated webinars (see an example here).

* for the easiest, most beautiful and effective opt in pages, landing pages, even mini-websites. Created in minutes with no technical skills needed! (see an example here).

* for the best email management platform we’ve found. Easy to use, reliable, feature-rich. Be sure you have the best solution you can find to collect your leads and nurture them into clients and sales. Affordable, but his is NOT an area to count pennies and nickels. Check out their free trial.

ZendeskChat for easily adding a chat feature to any website or web page. Free for one website. Increase sales and conversions by interacting with your website visitors in real time! (see example on the lower right of this website).

Audacity is free audio editing software that works really well.

Camtasia is the best software we’ve found for creating and editing videos from webinars, screen sharing and captures, etc. It’s compatible with Powerpoint and you can easily create and edit an entire recorded webinar, slides and all. is the best and most affordable (human) transcription service we’ve found.

VoiceBase has a free machine transcription service.

Note: The links above marked with an asterisk (*) are partner links to the resources we use, love, and highly recommend above all the alternatives. We stand behind our recommendations and are happy to answer any questions you may have about them.