How to Create and Conduct Webinars That Get Coaching Clients

Webinars are incredibly effective for generating clients, filling group coaching programs, selling products, and much more. In today’s world where most marketing happens on the internet, webinars are one of the most effective and affordable ways to build your coaching business. Did you know there are different types or purposes of webinars? – Lead generation […]

Setting Your Coaching Fees

One of the most common questions I get from new coaches is “How do I set my fees?” While this is not an exact science and is a judgment call only you can make, here’s some ideas and guidelines for setting your fees I’ve put together from twenty years of training and mentoring relationship coaches. […]

Free podcast download- How to Build a Million Dollar Private Practice

Here’s a great interview of our founder David Steele, author of Building the Million Dollar Private Practice on the Business Freedom Podcast with Barbera Aimes. Listen and download here Interview Highlights The #1 marketing mistake that coaches and therapists make … and how to easily avoid it The Golden Rule vs the Platinum Rule The 7 habits […]

How to Get High Paying Coaching Clients

It’s easy to get pro bono (free) clients and many new coaches believe they must discount their fees to get clients and don’t know how to make the leap to getting paid what they’re worth. Is it possible to be well paid for doing work that you love? YES! But you must know how to […]

How to Fill Your Therapy Practice with Private Pay Coaching Clients

In this program you will learn- What is coaching and how is it different from therapy? How to integrate coaching into your therapy practice. How to market and get clients as a therapist/coach Five (easy, do-able) steps for filling your therapy practice with private pay coaching clients And more! Check out these additional resources- A […]