How to Choose a Niche audio and transcript

Do you really need a niche? Which one do you choose? Will a niche limit your practice? If you’ve heard that you must choose a niche, wonder why it’s such a big deal, are overwhelmed by the idea and don’t know where to start, then this free program is for you! In this free audio […]

How to Design a Client-Getting Business Card

We loved this blog post from our friend Bill Baren and got permission to share it with you. Enjoy! I rarely see networking work really well. It’s true, the majority of business owners I speak to either network sporadically (“pitch and run”) or they spend a lot of time networking… and … << drumroll >> […]

How to Make Your Passion Your Profession

In this program you learn- Five steps for making your passion your profession How to become an expert and own it! Why you shouldn’t try to sell “coaching” and to do instead How to get potential clients to say “Yes!” to hiring you How to guarantee your success as a relationship coach       […]

Special Report- My Top Ten Online Business Tools

Years ago as a Marriage and Family Therapist in full time private practice I never dreamed my work and my business would evolve to be 100% virtual and online. In this 16th year since the founding of Relationship Coaching Institute I thought you might like to know some of my favorite tools for running an […]

Top Five Ways to Market Your Coaching Practice

First, let’s clarify that these are marketing strategies and different from our “Top Five Ways to Get Clients” which is about client enrollment. If this important distinction is new for you; “marketing” is communicating what you do for the purpose of generating prospects, and “enrollment” is connecting with your prospects for the purpose of getting […]

How to Get Clients FAST

    Today we had a great webinar for members of Relationship Coaching Institute on “How to Get Clients FAST” and added the recording to our Relationship Coach Starter Kit. This program covers six proven strategies for getting clients quickly with lots of tips and advice from 25 years in private practice. Sign up for our FREE Relationship […]