Setting Your Coaching Fees

One of the most common questions I get from new coaches is “How do I set my fees?” While this is not an exact science and is a judgment call only you can make, here’s some ideas and guidelines for setting your fees I’ve put together from twenty years of training and mentoring relationship coaches. […]

How to Start a Coaching Business

Here’s everything you need to know about starting a coaching business in 33 minutes. Enjoy!

How to Get Clients on the Radio

Relationships are one of the hottest topics for morning radio shows in North America. Imagine speaking in front of 50,000 listeners for free tomorrow morning! Believe it or not, even in today’s age of smart phones, Netflix and the internet, broadcast radio has become the number one way of reaching consumers in 2016. Amazing new […]

Free podcast download- How to Build a Million Dollar Private Practice

Here’s a great interview of our founder David Steele, author of Building the Million Dollar Private Practice on the Business Freedom Podcast with Barbera Aimes. Listen and download here Interview Highlights The #1 marketing mistake that coaches and therapists make … and how to easily avoid it The Golden Rule vs the Platinum Rule The 7 habits […]

How to Fill Your Therapy Practice with Private Pay Coaching Clients

In this program you will learn- What is coaching and how is it different from therapy? How to integrate coaching into your therapy practice. How to market and get clients as a therapist/coach Five (easy, do-able) steps for filling your therapy practice with private pay coaching clients And more! Check out these additional resources- A […]

How to Get Clients and Get Paid What You’re Worth

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you struggle to get paying clients? Do you dread these four little words: “I can’t afford it?” Many helping professionals feel guilty about charging for their services. Here are 5 reasons why I think this happens: Student Mentality: You feel as if you have a lot to learn, […]