How to Get Clients on the Radio

Relationships are one of the hottest topics for morning radio shows in North America. Imagine speaking in front of 50,000 listeners for free tomorrow morning! Believe it or not, even in today’s age of smart phones, Netflix and the internet, broadcast radio has become the number one way of reaching consumers in 2016. Amazing new […]

Free podcast download- How to Build a Million Dollar Private Practice

Here’s a great interview of our founder David Steele, author of Building the Million Dollar Private Practice on the Business Freedom Podcast with Barbera Aimes. Listen and download here Interview Highlights The #1 marketing mistake that coaches and therapists make … and how to easily avoid it The Golden Rule vs the Platinum Rule The 7 habits […]

How Can I Afford Relationship Coach Training?

You might wonder- How can I join RCI if I can’t afford the enrollment fee? There are many ways to accomplish your dreams and afford your relationship coach training, and to help boost your creativity, here’s our top seven creative ways to fund your RCI membership: First, as an aspiring coach, it’s time for a […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Coaching as a Retirement Profession

In the next twenty years more than 76 million Baby Boomers will retire, 72% want or need to continue working in some capacity during retirement. So working during retirement is or will be the norm rather than the exception, and currently goes by many labels, including: Encore Career Third Age Career Third Stage Career Re-Careering While […]

How to Get Clients FAST

    Today we had a great webinar for members of Relationship Coaching Institute on “How to Get Clients FAST” and added the recording to our Relationship Coach Starter Kit. This program covers six proven strategies for getting clients quickly with lots of tips and advice from 25 years in private practice. Sign up for our FREE Relationship […]

Free Radical Sex Video Tutorial

What kind of sexual relationship do you want?Daily sex? Sex whenever you want? Adventurous sex?Want extraordinary sex but don’t how to get your partner on board? This free program from our Radical Relationships “How-To” video series provides 8 concrete strategies for better sex, and 6 out-of-the-box creative strategies for “Radical Sex.” This program contains sexually […]