Give the Gift of Love (at a 20% discount)

For singles. . . If you are single and seeking the love of your life, this proven approach to dating is for you! Here’s one of our favorite endorsements for Conscious Dating from Harville Hendrix and Helen L. Hunt: Conscious Dating provides a new concept for dating and insightful advice and exercises that will help […]

Free podcast download- How to Build a Million Dollar Private Practice

Here’s a great interview of our founder David Steele, author of Building the Million Dollar Private Practice on the Business Freedom Podcast with Barbera Aimes. Listen and download here Interview Highlights The #1 marketing mistake that coaches and therapists make … and how to easily avoid it The Golden Rule vs the Platinum Rule The 7 habits […]

How to Earn $72,000 Per Year as a Relationship Coach (working only 20 hours per week with Fridays off)

Sorry! 72-hour webinar replay has expired. But good news! To access all this info and more, simply register for our free Relationship Coach Starter Kit below. In this program you’ll learn- How to attract high paying clients excited to work with you How to build your own Client Creation Machine (turn crank, get clients!) And […]

5 Steps of an Effective Coaching Session

Effective coaching starts with your coaching skills and how you conduct your coaching session. Here’s our 5 Steps of an Effective Coaching Session that we teach in our relationship coach trainings: Step 1: Opening the Session Center yourself in your coaching space/presence Access your intuition Connect with your client Ask for their agenda (e.g. “Where […]

How Can I Afford Relationship Coach Training?

You might wonder- How can I join RCI if I can’t afford the enrollment fee? There are many ways to accomplish your dreams and afford your relationship coach training, and to help boost your creativity, here’s our top seven creative ways to fund your RCI membership: First, as an aspiring coach, it’s time for a […]

The Law of Attraction in Dating

Is the Law of Attraction real? Does the Law of Attraction really work? In short – “Yes” and “Yes”. The Law of Attraction is not some complicated, new-age woo-woo nonsense; it’s simply “like attracts like,” and is the most important principle of the Universe. Without the Law of Attraction our atoms and molecules literally wouldn’t […]