The #1 Secret of Powerful, Irresistible, Effective Marketing That Gets Results

The Golden Rule vs. The Platinum Rule of Marketing The Golden Rule states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” While this practice civilizes us and helps us get along in society, it doesn’t work in marketing and building a service-oriented business. Here’s an analogy; if you wanted to give someone a present […]

How to Brand Your Coaching Business

What you call yourself or your business is your “brand.” Deciding what to call yourself is easy if you specialize and/or have a niche, which you should. Being a “Life Coach” or a “Relationship Coach” is too broad for effective marketing, no matter what other fancy words you use for it, such as “Life Strategist” […]

A Case Against Using the Word “Healthy” in Coaching

By David Steele What follows is my own opinion and you are welcome to agree or disagree. I can only speak for myself, not for an entire profession, but I’ve been holding these thoughts for decades now, and every time I see or hear the word “healthy” used by a coach or helping professional, it’s […]

New Webinar Recording – Five Simple Steps to Quickly and Easily Become a Successful Relationship Coach

Here’s a recording of our latest webinar. Enjoy!    

Ten Year Anniversary of David and Darlene’s Radical Marriage: An Update

This week is our tenth wedding anniversary, a significant milestone for us. Being the authors of Radical Marriage it seems a good idea to share where we are now and where we’re headed. In 2008 when we were married it was my third marriage and Darlene’s second. Her kids were grown and out of the […] Update on RCI’s Latest Innovations contacted us wanting to know what we’ve been up to lately and we gave them an earful! Here’s an in-depth article about the latest innovations here at RCI. Enjoy!