Top Five Reasons Why New Coaches Fail

You’ve discovered the wonderful world of coaching, got top-notch coaching training, and strongly believe that clients should hire you because of your passion and sincerity, right? Unfortunately, no. Here are five reasons why even the most talented and passionate new coaches fail.

1. They don’t choose a specialty or niche

It’s very hard to market to everybody in the entire world and impossible to help them all! A successful coach will narrow their marketing to a specific group of people (“niche”) and will help them in a specific area of their life (“specialty”). More info here

2. They try to “sell” coaching

People don’t want to buy coaching sessions, they want to achieve an important goal. Don’t try to explain coaching or convince anyone to want coaching, instead, focus on their goals and the results that you will help them achieve. Even better is to have a structured program that targets your specialty and niche. One of our favorite mottos is “Sell programs not sessions!” Example here

3. They get overwhelmed by business building tasks

You may have a lot of skills but it is unlikely you can build a business from scratch by yourself. Yet this is exactly what many new coaches try to do! In addition, new coaches will try to do everything at once, or spend weeks and months on one thing (such as putting up a website), both of which are ineffective.

4. They get overwhelmed by business building information, strategies and advice

New coaches will follow every practice building guru and spend thousands of dollars learning to shoot video, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, joint venture promotions, affiliate marketing,  and the latest “must do” marketing fad (at this writing it’s Google Hangouts). Our advice? Start with the basics. At RCI we show you how and even give you the tools, starting here

5. They don’t have a support system (yet expect clients to hire them for their support)

How can you ask a prospective client (with a straight face) to pay you hundreds of dollars per month to help them with their most important goal if you’re struggling and not getting the support you need? This is much too common with new coaches and where we shine here at Relationship Coaching Institute with our membership model and built in, on-going support every step of the way- before, during, and after your training. We’ve got you covered.  More info here


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Free Relationship Coach Training Starter Kit


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