How Can I Afford Relationship Coach Training?

Top 7 Creative Ways to Afford Relationship Coach TrainingYou might wonder- How can I join RCI if I can’t afford the enrollment fee?

There are many ways to accomplish your dreams and afford your relationship coach training, and to help boost your creativity, here’s our top seven creative ways to fund your RCI membership:

First, as an aspiring coach, it’s time for a mindset shift. Instead of “I can’t because….” it’s time to start asking yourself (and others) “How can I…?”

There is always a way, and if you train your brain to look for new solutions to problems, you will be able to find the ways to accomplish what you want. A bonus of consistently doing this is that your brain will develop new neuro-pathways, making subsequent problems easier to solve and you will become a more positive person and more effective coach.

Also, please be aware of the huge difference between an Investment and an Expense. An investment provides a tangible financial return while an expense does not generate more income for you. Training, by itself, might be an expense, but joining RCI and leveraging our business-building and marketing support and “done for you” programs is an investment that will pay for itself almost immediately. Joining RCI is your best possible investment if you want to be a successful relationship coach.

Good news! If you’re ready to build a successful business as a Relationship Coach but don’t have all the funds needed to enroll in RCI, here are our Top Seven Creative Ways to Afford Relationship Coach Training with RCI:

Option 1: Affordable Payment Plans

You can get started with your training for a low down payment and affordable monthly payments. For more info, set up a time to talk with us here

Option 2: Sponsors

Who in your life wants to see you succeed in helping others? Between family, friends, church and temple communities, future joint venture partners, etc, you might find a highly supportive community willing to sponsor your RCI enrollment because they care about you, believe in you, and want to invest in making the world a better place. You can even propose an exchange by providing pro bono or low cost coaching (after your training, for a specified time period) to your sponsors or their communities.

Option 3: Pre-Sell Your Services

Just as Apple and other companies take orders for products before they’re released, and travelers book their flights and hotels in advance, as soon as you enroll in RCI you will have the tools, support, and resources to immediately market your services.

Start scheduling workshops, individual and group coaching and provide a discount for early registration. This can be as simple as asking everyone you know to pass the word, post announcements online and in your local community, partner with a church, temple, or other organized group that includes lots of singles or couples, etc.

For example, if you know your training starts June 1st, you can schedule a Conscious Dating® or Radical Marriage® class, workshop, or coaching group for singles or couples to start July 1st (or sooner or later) and immediately start marketing to your community. This can be as simple as asking everyone you know to pass the word, post announcements online and in your local community, partner with a church, temple, or other organized group that includes lots of singles or couples, etc. You’ll find that people will get very excited about what you’re offering and are very willing to support you by telling their friends. Don’t take our word for it- stop reading right now, call up a few friends and try it!

Please Note: Conscious Dating® and Radical Marriage® are registered trademarks and may be used only by members of Relationship Coaching Institute

Option 4: Use Your Credit Card or Other Line of Credit

Using credit to start a new business or expand your existing business is an investment, which is a good thing, and what all successful businesses do. Even RCI was started in 1997 with credit card debt! Just set a goal for starting a class or workshop and/or commit to start getting paying clients within a month or two after you start your training, and your membership will be paid off before you know it.

Option 5: Crowdfunding

This popular practice is funding new ventures every day such as video and movie projects, charitable projects, product development, and lends itself quite nicely to starting up a business that will help people with their most important life goals, especially if you’re willing to give as well as get and put together an exciting and compelling campaign to help a particular target audience that gets attention and support.

Tips for Success:

  • Create an awesome campaign page – Showcase your project (and your personality) with beautiful visuals, compelling text, and enticing rewards. Your page should answer the following questions:
    1. What are you fundraising for?
    2. Why is this important?
    3. What difference will each donation make?
  • Create a public service project to help a particular target audience with a particular problem – so your campaign is more than just funding your training and helping you get started in business, donations will help real people in a real way, such as newly divorced single mothers to start a new life, parents of young children struggling to adjust, pre-marital couples under 30 to prepare for marriage, widows and widowers to cope with the loss of their spouse, etc.  
  • Spread the word about your project – E-mail is the No. 1 tool for generating support for a campaign. Facebook is No. 2 and Twitter is No. 3. Make sure people realize how easy it is to donate online!
  • Report updates – Give updates on the status of your fundraising efforts.
  • Provide rewards – such as free or discounted coaching or admission to your online class, workshop, webinar, etc. Digital downloads are popular, such as audio, video, or ebooks you create or have permission to distribute. Something as simple as a certificate of appreciation or charter membership makes donors feel special and appreciated.

Recommended platforms

It’s time to take action, use these tips to set up your fundraiser and get the funds you need to become a Relationship Coach!

A Final Note:

As an aspiring coach you must assume abundance and address your own limiting beliefs before you can help any clients to do so.

How can you afford relationship coach training? Just pick one and call us today!

When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this- you haven’t. — Robert Schuller

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