STAR Coaches Interview with David Steele

Here’s a great interview of David Steele about Relationship Coaching with Meg Rentschler of STAR Coaches.

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“You don’t need to be an expert to coach, you just need to apply your coaching skills expertly.” – David Steele

In this interview:

  • David celebrates the flexibility of the coach’s lifestyle.
  • How David describes the specialty of relationship coaching.
  • The difference between relationship coaching and a therapist providing couples therapy.
  • We all have problems that hold us back, but finding success is the key to unlocking our happiness.
  • Coaches can support relationships in a unique and highly effective way.
  • You can prepare while you are single to set yourself up for success in your desired long-term relationship.
  • How coaches can use open-ended coaching paradigms to help their clients with their relationships.
  • A coach is needed to help clients get 100% out of their lives.
  • Good coaches don’t claim to be a dating guru. We do claim to help our clients get results and find happiness!
  • You have to let go of attachment to being the expert with your client to be a better coach.

To listen online or download the audio –