Live Singles Coach Training (via telephone and internet)

ICF Approved ACSTH Relationship Coach TrainingOur ICF-approved Singles Coach Training program was designed to provide you the skills, support and confidence you need to work with Single clients.   Participants access the course materials through an online “Classroom” and call in weekly to meet with your instructor and class mates using your phone or computer.

The curriculum includes:

1. Professional Coaching Foundations (PC-PCF) *
The professional standard in the coaching industry is highlighted in this informative, and in-depth exploration of the ICF Core Competencies, including an in-depth look at the ICF Code of Ethics. Not only are these areas of focus the foundation for the most valuable professional coaching skills, but they also provide practical tools for maximizing the coaching relationship.

Duration:  19 weeks
Meets:  1 time per week for class (1 hour) and 1 time per week for lab (90 minutes)
Additional time needed:   You can expect 2-4 additional hours per week for homework

* Already a certified coach?  This course is optional for you.

2. Foundations of Coaching Singles (S1-SCF)
This training provides the foundational relationship coaching tools and skills required to work with singles.

Duration:  6 weeks
Meets:  1 time per week for class (1 hour) and 1 time per week for lab (90 minutes)
Additional time needed:   You can expect 2-4 additional hours per week for homework

3. Conscious Dating Readiness and Self Discovery(S2-CDR)
This program focuses on the individual’s journey to self-discovery and helps singles get ready for a love relationship. It includes work on values, life purpose, life vision and relationship requirements. At the end of the program, coaches will be able to help clients increase their level of self-awareness about what they want in all areas of their life, including love relationships.

Duration:  8 weeks
Meets:  1 time per week for class (1 hour) and 1 time per week for lab (90 minutes)
Additional time needed:   You can expect 2-4 additional hours per week for homework

4. Conscious Dating Attraction and Dating (S3-CDA)
This program focuses on helping clients who are ready for a relationship find and attract their lifetime partner. Attraction Coaching involves helping the client implement their Conscious Dating plan, goals for living their vision, develop action plans, define attraction venues, practice effective dating skills, address any self-sabotaging attitudes and choices that may arise, identify social networking opportunities and enhance their social, dating and intimacy skills.

Duration:  6 weeks
Meets:  1 time per week for class (1 hour) and 1 time per week for lab (90 minutes)
Additional time needed:   You can expect 2-4 additional hours per week for homework



Meet the Singles Coach Trainers

Tereasa Jones, Singles Coach Lead Trainer

What I do:

As the lead instructor for the Singles Track at RCI I instruct our members in the Conscious Dating Singles I and Singles II programs. I assist coaches in practicing and developing their skills so that they will feel confident using the materials in their own workshops and with their own clients.

My Mission:

I love empowering coaches to step out with confidence when working with clients in search of their life partners. The contribution that our coaches make in the lives of their clients is no small thing. It is my goal to provide the coaches with a safe environment to practice, learn, and grow their skills. Working with these coaches makes me feel that I have made a meaningful contribution to their work and to RCI.


  • I have a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology and worked as a therapist prior to deciding to devote myself to coaching exclusively.
  • I received my coach training at Coach U and began coaching in 1998.
  • In 2006 I joined RCI and in 2008 I became an RCI Master Certified Relationship Coach.
  • I have been a mentor coach for the singles track for RCI for several years as needed and for each session of classes since 2011.

Singles Coach Trainer Laura Menze, PCC

What I Do:

As the Founder and Chief Love Officer of Ready-Match, located in Denver, CO, Laura helps clients find, create, and keep amazing love. Laura helps clients become crystal clear about themselves and learn the knowledge and skills it takes to Self-Match and build the foundation for an amazing relationship. With incredible marriages as a result, Laura even officiates in the marriages of couples she coached.

Laura is also the Co-Founder of The Radical Love Summit, an annual conference open to the public in Denver, CO.

Laura also leads RCI’s Professional Coach Training program and is one of our most popular and highest rated instructors.


  • Co-Founder – The Radical Love Summit
  • Featured coach in a television series – ‘Radical Dating – Breaking Through The Barriers To Find Lasting Love After 40′
  • Emily Makinzie’s ‘Love Guru’ on Denver’s Mix 100.3 FM
  • Professional Coach Trainer for budding coaches in Singles Coaching & Professional Coaching at The Relationship Coaching Institute.
  • Ordained Minister – American Marriage Ministries


  • BA – Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MBA – International Business – Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
  • CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) – The Coaches Training Institute
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) – International Coach Federation
  • CRCS (Certified Relationship Coach for Singles) – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • CRCC (Certified Relationship Coach for Couples) – Relationship Coaching Institutex

Here is what our graduates say about Conscious Dating and our singles coach training program: 

“I used the Singles 3: Conscious Dating Attraction course mainly to follow along with the Conscious Dating principles as I am dating for marriage. Singles 2 along with implementing Singles 3 allowed me to quickly find a marriage minded guy with my online profile and we had sent each other our Perfect Day along with all our Requirements, Wants and Needs by date 3. During the coaching practices I uncovered a pattern of mini marriages and helped me draw boundaries through requirements coaching that got me the result above. Singles 2 and 3 was a blast to implement in real life!”
~ Tieu Nguyen, Redlands, CA

“Tereasa Jones is a spectacular trainer! She genuinely desires each student to learn as much as possible and provides a warm and supportive learning environment. Tereasa is the consummate professional and an incredible asset. A wonderful experience!”
~ Debra L’Heureux, Myrtle Beach, SC

“Teresea Jones makes it easy to wade into what seems like a deep stream of material and concepts. She knows how to guide the wandering into productive explorations. And her demonstration coaching is a very welcome verification that she walks her talk!”
~ Mark Rogers, Dallas Tx

“The Singles 1 class through RCI was one of the best professional training classes I’ve ever taken. Other distance classes can feel lonely, but this class was the perfect size to really get to know all the classmates and the teachers. The lab component was KEY to really putting the principles we were taught to use. The combination of knowledge and practice I’ve gained from this class make me much more confident in my abilities as a relationship coach.”
~Courtney DeVon, Kinnelon, NJ

“Training with RCI is top notch. Faculty and class members are skilled in multiple areas offering a depth and richness to each session that is unparalled. Trainings may be repeated layering additional depth and richness into ones expertise each and every time.”
~Judith Ann Condon, Boulder, CO

“Your materials work! I have been a successful single for the last few months, doing my own things and bingo it happens! The man I envisioned has arrived into my life. Thanks for all your wisdom.”
~Susie Sinclair, Ontario, Canada

“This program was very powerful for me. Although I have always viewed myself as pretty self-aware, I now have new insights about what I need in a relationship that will guide me to choose a good match for me. And the idea of screening potential partners for my requirements BEFORE the first date is a liberating concept. I feel sure I will save myself a lot of energy and move more quickly to finding my life partner.”
~Alice Carleton, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Relationship Coaching Institute’s Conscious Dating program increases self-awareness. As an RCI-Certified Relationship Coach, I feel grateful to have effective tools to coach clients through the process of getting clear about the life and the life partner they truly desire. The Conscious Dating prorgram brings the power of self-knowledge and the spirit of possibility back into the search for a life partner.”
~Salila Shen, Pagosa Springs, CO

“I really love using this program with my single clients and have seen some of them go on to create really wonderful and conscious relationships — so I thank you for your part in my being able to help people find their life partner. This has always been a passion of mine and the Conscious Dating program is a wonderful vehicle for that passion. Many thanks for all the wonderful resources you so generously share with all of us. Congratulations on your book and the wonderful legacy you are creating.”
~Shirley Vollett, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“What I liked most about the class was the clear focus and direction of the materials and the excellent leadership of the facilitators. The energy from the group was the most powerful aspect of this training. It has helped me to create so much in my life.”