RCI’s Business in a Box

While it doesn’t include cardboard and packing peanuts, RCI’s “Business in a Box” has everything you need to create a highly successful relationship coaching business. Just unpack each part, modify as desired, assemble and implement!

Please note: this information was written for RCI members and includes reference to proprietary resources available exclusively to members which you will be able to access immediately when you join RCI.

Relationship Coaching Business-in-a-Box Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Complete RCI’s 20-Minute Relationship Coaching Business Plan

Before assembling your business you must “begin with the end in mind.” Everything that follows must be implemented for your particular specialty, niche, and vision for your unique business. Start your 20-Minute Business Plan here

Step 2: Get Technical Support

Once you complete Step 1, before you go much further, we highly recommend consulting with an experienced mentor who can review your 20-Minute Business Plan and guide your decisions, strategies, and implementation. Contact RCI Member Support to request assignment to one of our mentors (be sure to complete your 20-Minute Business Plan first)

Step 3: Package Your Services

As you may have learned by now, we highly recommend that you “Sell Programs, Not Sessions,” which means choosing RCI coaching programs, tools and resources to create custom packages for your clients. You may want to start by downloading one or more of the following member resources, then add your own content to create the perfect package for your niche!

  • Assessments and checklists for Singles and Couples
  • Workbooks for coaching Singles and Couples
  • Workshops for Singles and Couples
  • Exercises for coaching Singles and Couples
  • Articles for Singles and Couples relevant to your niche
  • Communication Map and other relationship coaching tools for Singles and Couples

Keep in mind, as a member of RCI you have unlimited license to use one or more of the following RCI trademarks for your coaching programs:

Conscious Dating® (for singles of all types and stages)
Radical Dating® (for singles seeking a partner for Radical Marriage)
Couple for Life™ (for pre-committed and pre-marital couples, as well as committed couples who need the basics)
Radical Marriage® (for functional couples)

And be sure to feature your specialized packages and programs on your website (either your own or your free RCI website).

Here’s a tip- don’t post the cost of your programs on your website, save that for the enrollment conversation.

Step 4: Choose Your Service Delivery System

How will you serve your clients? Coaching can be delivered individually in 1:1 sessions, in groups (we recommend using our Coaching Team model), in person or virtually over the telephone/internet. How will your services change as your clients’ progress towards their ultimate goal? This is a great subject to discuss with your instructor(s) and/or mentor. For more info and ideas see Building Your Service Delivery System

Step 5: Design Your Marketing Funnel (AKA “Client Creation Machine”)

Your marketing funnel is the journey your singles and/or couples take from the moment they discover you to participating in your Service Delivery System. Each part of your marketing funnel supports taking the next step in your service delivery system and your fees increase with each step.

Here’s an example Client Creation Machine-

Step 1: Create prospect with special report opt in on your website, and then…
Step 2: Invite your prospects to free seminar/webinar, and then…
Step 3: Network like crazy and market your free seminar/webinar to interested groups (social media, community groups, traditional media, complementary professionals and organizations, etc), and then…
Step 4: Conduct free seminar/webinar and invite to low cost workshop or class, and then…
Step 5: Conduct low cost workshop or class and invite to join your coaching program (group or individual coaching) to support implementation (THIS is your primary goal and source of revenue), and then…
Step 6: Conduct advanced workshops and/or retreats for graduates of your workshops and classes, as well as clients and former clients, and then…
Step 7: Offer VIP Intensives to work individually with clients for an entire day or weekend

While the above may seem overwhelming if you’re just starting out, it is a proven business model for a highly successful relationship coaching business that can be built as slow or fast as you wish. We have other, simpler but successful business models for you as well. Be sure to review our Client Creation Machine tutorial.

Step 6: Create prospects by implementing your Client Creation Machine using one of RCI’s “Done for You” website lead generators, marketing programs, seminars, workshops and/or classes, etc.

Step 7: Convert Your Prospects to Paying Clients

Step 1: Review our 5 Secrets of Client Enrollment and strategy session script
Step 2: Craft your pitch (description) of your coaching program using the example included in #1 above
Step 3: Practice the 5-step enrollment conversation in #1 above as much as you can with anyone you can. It WILL be awkward in the beginning, but practice makes perfect
Step 4: Determine how and when you will invite your prospects to make an appointment for a Strategy Session using guidelines in #1 above
Step 5: Implement your Strategy Session invitation on your website, social media page, email broadcast, personal and professional network, and individual contacts, and you’re on your way to getting clients!

Step 8: Launch Your Coaching Practice!

Start small and simple using these 5 Steps to Launching a New Relationship Coaching Practice

Be sure to accept our 24 Hour Challenge to boost your confidence by getting your first few clients and referrals right away

Bonus Resources

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend our RCI New Member Quick Start Program to cover all your bases, access all the resources needed to launch your relationship coaching business.

Be sure to join our RCI Member Support Tele-conferences with RCI leadership, trainers, and mentors for on-going inspiration and solid support for building your business and coaching your clients.

And last but not least, review and implement these Six Strategies for Using Your RCI Membership to Get Clients Fast

Please note: links have been removed to RCI members-only resources, but we hope you are inspired by our Relationship Coaching Business-in-a-Box!

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