RCI Members Speak Out!

“I have felt so welcomed and taken care of since I joined RCI. I get the personal attention I’ve always wanted, the care that I get is top notch, I get the coaches and the teachers that I need to build my business and the confidence to be a coach. You can work directly with David and the instructors and they really care. If you’re wondering if RCI is the place for you and if it’s real, I have to say this is the best personal development investment I’ve ever made.”
Tieu Nguyen

“Hi, I’m Birgit from Switzerland. When I joined RCI a few months ago I had no idea about the coaching methodology and thanks to RCI’s excellent high quality curriculum and content I was up to speed in no time and getting my own coaching clients. What I like most about RCI is the flexibility, that it’s online and I can join from wherever I am in the world, and the different cohorts allow me to choose the perfect class times for my busy life. The support team of RCI is outstanding, I get my questions answered within 24 hours or shorter, and always in a very helpful, warm way that makes me feel heard and helped and feel like I’m coming to my family. I love that RCI pushes us to practice and apply what we learn and is exactly what I need to be a successful coach. RCI has extremely helpful business building materials, support calls, and coaching materials I use with my clients. I’m a huge RCI fan and I’m happy to be a Lifetime Member.”
Birgit Pestalozzi

Brooke Miller “The Couples Training was such an amazing experience in so many ways! It was clear, insightful and practical, distilling complex material into simple, accessible truths with concrete suggestions for implementation. My work as a therapist has been positively impacted by many things I have learned in this course, and my work as a Relationship Coach now has a solid foundation to build on. On a personal level, I have learned what is possible and how to reverse-engineer the relationship of my dreams! Many, many thanks for all of the invaluable information and support. I am so grateful I made the decision to join RCI!”
Brooke Miller, LCSW, CPC

“RCI provides top training to help you on your journey to be a highly profitable coach. It is not enough to just have good coaching skills. You need to be able to know how to market your programs and put yourself out there. RCI helps you do that, and all of these amazing tools are at your fingertips so you can make coaching your full time employment as part of your membership. This is amazing, and if you are wondering which coaching program to go with look no further it is all here with RCI.”
— Gina Daniels

“RCI is my best investment so far in coaching education and business building. Great trainings, step by step plan on how to build a successful practice and daily support with all kinds of questions and concerns re: clients and my business.”
Anna Osiecka

“After 38 years of specializing in helping marriages thrive, I was nearing retirement with the dream of focusing entirely on relationship coaching. So I turned to RCI and completed their couples’ coach training and went through their business building programs. I must say that this is the most helpful training I have ever experienced in real-world application of skills needed to make a difference in people’s lives. Plus, RCI has helped me tremendously in the task of setting up my coaching practice to both make a living and make a difference while enjoying my “retirement career.” Thank you RCI!”
David S. Wilder, M.Div, CPC

“I am a certified relationship specialist with over 28 years experience as a counselor but had no idea how to start and run my own business. I found RCI was blown away with the amount of training and knowledge they offer. This program is equally beneficial for seasoned professionals and those with no coaching experience. Not only do they teach you what you need to know to be a great coach, they also give you the tools you need to start and run your business. I learned how to create a niche, how to sell programs instead of sessions, how to market my business, and much more. They are very professional and knowledgeable. The growth you can experience with them is unlimited. This is the best investment I have made in my professional career. I am blessed to have found them and to be a part of this organization.”
Lori Davis, MA, CRS

“I first trained with RCI in 2002 and still actively use all I learned and all of their fabulous, always-evolving resources — it really is the gift that keeps on giving! I started my coaching practice in the late-90s as a Life and Career Transition Coach and it quickly became apparent that the two big areas clients wanted to focus on were work and love. I’m also an Interfaith Minister and have been officiating weddings for the last 15 years as well. RCI appeared at the perfect time as I had coaching clients who were single and wanting to get concrete support in finding “the one” (i.e. not just dating advice), as well as wedding couples who wanted pre-marital coaching. RCI provides powerful workbooks to use with clients and they continually update them, not to mention offering a myriad of assessments, articles, and marketing templates and resources. Today I still offer Conscious Dating® teleclasses in addition to working one-on-one with singles. And I find that I’m working with more and more couples — not just pre-marital — which frankly wasn’t my original aim. The support I get from RCI has has given me the confidence and resources to branch out in new directions which I’m loving! ”
Deborah Roth, MA, PCC

“RCI offers excellent training in relationship coaching – for singles as well as for couples – and teaches how to run a profitable coaching business. RCI shares an immense wealth of resources and information. It offers on-going support through regular coaching calls which address coaching skills as well as business and marketing skills. The level of support that RCI offers is outstanding. Becoming a member of RCI has been the best investment I’ve made in my career.”
Uta Demontis, PhD

“I’ve been a member of RCI for over 2 years and took the Singles Coaching training and received my certification. I’m also a graduate of their Couples Coaching training and will be applying for my Couples Certification. RCI provides a huge amount of resources, assistance, training, business development and so much more. I have met some wonderful people during the training and now have long life friendships. RCI is not just a training institute, it offers so much more. I am very please to be a part of RCI and becoming a lifetime member. Thank you RCI for changing my career and opening a new opportunity of personal growth. I highly recommend RCI to anyone seeking to build a coaching business. ”
Patricia Lavigne

“I connected with Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) in 2011 and have since completed certifications in both Singles and Couples Relationship Coaching. The materials and the training received are outstanding and leave you fully equipped with the skills, know how, and tools to facilitate individual, couple, and group coaching. With the done-for-you materials, marketing and business training and support, I find no reason to reinvent the wheel; and as a lifetime member, I find this to be of great value. You can come to RCI with no training what-so-ever and leave ready to start and grow your own coaching practice; and with the support available at your finger tips, there’s no reason for you not to make it. RCI is one investment I’ve made and never regretted.”
Barbara A Williams, LPC

“I am a matchmaker and a life and organizational coach. I took singles training with RCI right after completing my life and career coaching certificate at NYU. The classes were inspiring and fun and the content and tools were fabulous! I learned so much about dating consciously and how to coach clients on getting clear on their values, life purpose and their needs and requirements when searching for a soul mate. I also received practice coaching in class as well as in coaching labs. Had I known about RCI earlier I most likely would have taken my life coaching training with them. RCI also provides wonderful training relative to building your coaching practice. ”
Ellen Kamaras

“Although I was a Certified Professional Life Coach through another very well known coaching school, I was lost. I didn’t have a niche and I didn’t have any support, tools, or materials, such as workshops, worksheets, or programs to offer my clients. I was creating them all by myself and I was frustrated and floundering. When I discovered RCI and their programs, it completely changed my life as a human being, a coach, and a business owner. I now had the training, support, and materials I needed to enroll clients and in a way that I could truly afford! I also had a niche that completely resonated with my soul! The materials are amazing and so is the support to help you build your business… and this is coming from someone who already had an MBA. RCI has everything in place to help you be a successful coach and run a successful business that truly resonates with your soul and pays the bills!”
Laura Menze, MBA, PCC

“For any coach interested in relationships, RCI is the way to go. I was skeptical at first since I was already certified as a Life Coach from another coaching school. However, I can truly say that RCI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The depth of the information amazed me, as did the abundance of resources and the support system RCI provided, because it was absent from the other coaching school I attended. I was thrilled by the trainers who always made certain that the student had everything necessary to succeed in the course.  Most of all, RCI forever changed the way I view relationships – not just romantic relationships, but relationships in general. The course has made me more generous and gentle in my recognition that we’re all loving as best we know how and that we’re all on different levels in expressing that love. RCI’s classes helps one to love and live consciously – and that’s a great thing.”
— Mari Lyles

“I am a few weeks short of graduating from the Couples Coaching training at RCI. This has been an exciting journey for me. Although I’ve been a therapist for twenty years, I have not had this level of support in a training before. In fact, RCI is a community that has been a pleasure to join on many levels. I have been impressed from the start by the abundance of resources offered to RCI members, not just in classwork but in starting and developing your business. Add in the friendliness and competence of the staff and especially the “YES” that I’ve been given every time I have asked for help or support. The training is top notch, there are more benefits available than I have time to use and they keep adding new ones. I highly recommend this program.”
Jean Feldeisen

“Getting certified through RCI as a Relationship Coach for Singles was the best career decision I could have made. First, I was newly separated when I went through the program and it helped me immensely in my personal transition to a happy, successful single. The fact that I could talk authentically about how the program helped me allowed me to get clients and gain confidence with the material very quickly. Conscious Dating® is a very good program that works!

RCI provides a lot of support to their members including coaching and business building resources, and they have created a real community among their members. The materials are great, instructors are confident and competent, and they support their members for the long term. I recommend this school very highly.”
Sheryl Spangler

“As a couples therapist and psychologist interested in coaching couples, I joined RCI almost a year ago. I find the training program, from which I will graduate in just 6 weeks, very professional and the coaching materials and skills abundant and rich. I also learned a lot about the business aspects of setting up a coaching practice and bring these to the Israeli scene.The training group I am now a member of is comprised of therapists with lots of experience and is very supportive together with RCI’s staff are a great resource for me. Highly recommended for any coach who wants to help singles and couples build a happy relationship!”
~ Yehuda Ayalon

“I love the fact that RCI is constantly adding, modifying, and updating programs and information and reaching out to help coaches become successful…A big THANK YOU to David, Darlene, and others involved in making it all happen… and for always being so easily accessible to members.”
~ Camille Johnson, RCI Certified Singles Relationship Coach

“I am SO impressed with the RCI program and would recommend Relationship Coaching Institute to anyone that is passionate about relationships. Each week in my training there is something to take advantage of and improve my skills. RCI rocks!”
~ Noelle Shoemate, MA, LAC

“Last July I got a call from a woman who found me on the RCI site. She and her husband retained me for our Private Couples 3-month Renewal Program. Their last session was last week and she credits me with saving her marriage! Thank you for creating the opportunity and thank you for the training.”
~ Marianne Oehser

goodacre_sized “I just want you to know how grateful I am to RCI for all the “done for you” materials! I want to be COACHING, not creating presentations from scratch, and what you give us is really helpful. I like having a framework and then being able to add things that personalize my presentation.”
~ Lynn Goodacre

sharonofarrell_sized “Last week I did a presentation to a room of 35 women and men at the library and have 8 people signed up for a Conscious Dating coaching group – starting tonight! And I have a separate Conscious Dating workshop planned with 12 people already registered and paid up as a result of that one presentation. After I got off the last BBT call and as a result of speaking with David, I did some work on my mind-set and was spurred on to take huge action. It scared the life out of me but I did it and it fell into place. Thank you David for your continued support and for providing me with all the tools to make my business great. And thanks to Darlene, Frankie and all the wonderful team at RCI. I could not be with a more supportive community and I do appreciate and acknowledge you very much.”
~ Sharon O’Farrell

“I have just recently signed up to become member of the RCI, and just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have made this decision. Thank you for all the wonderful resources, services, and generosity I’ve received thus far. I can already tell this is one of the best investments I’ve made. Scanning through the never-ending flow of wonderful resources–I’m like a kid in a candy store–all excited and eager to take in everything all at once! The Starter Kit is extremely helpful to keep me grounded and focused. I look forward to my first training session in April and be connected with many more amazing mentors and fellow students that make up the RCI community.”
~ Le Doan, PhD

“RCI training has contributed immensely to the success of my business. I coach clients around the globe by phone and skype.RCI constantly creates new and exciting resources for RCI coaches. My teleclasses, “Transform a Painful Relationship Into a Powerful Partnership,” have also gained new participants as I continue to create new ways to share tips for loving, supportive partnerships.”
~ Doris Helge, Ph.D., MCC

“Joining RCI was the best decision I’ve ever made. Ever since becoming a Lifetime Member my relationship coaching and counseling practice has absolutely skyrocketed. And I just can’t tell you how much fun I’m having! Through their mentoring calls I’ve been able to create a very successful local singles event that is only going to grow bigger and better in the years to come. If you’ve been thinking about joining RCI so they can help you grow your practice I absolutely recommend it and know you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much RCI!”
~ Colette Kenney, MA, CHT

“My practice is thriving and it’s so fulfilling and rewarding. I love every day that I get to work from home with people from all over the world. I help couples whose marriages are failing because they don’t know how to make it work and it’s so rewarding to work with people who are courageous heroes keeping their families together and they’re so willing to learn. I have more leads than I can handle and I can be as busy as I want to be, which is a dream come true. None of this would have been possible without RCI. RCI takes you by the hand and leads you through all the steps you needed to be successful. I’m so grateful and have so much fun at work every day. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.”
~Nina Potter, BS

“RCI has given me the tools to work with clients, but more importantly it’s given me the framework to build my coaching business. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and the skills to do so, but had no idea how to create my own coaching business and how to get clients. I now charge more than I ever thought I could, I’ve learned the importance of selling programs, not sessions, as I did when I was a counselor. I’ve created a class for singles my clients rave about, I’ve written a book that was nominated as one of the top 100 independent books of the last year, I’ve created amazing partnerships, I’m a radio host, I lead of Meetup group of about 1,000 members, all of this has come from what I’ve learned at RCI and I couldn’t have done it without them. I can’t think of a more rewarding job than helping people find true love in their lives, and create and maintain amazing, fulfilling, long-lasting relationships. As far as I’m concerned, RCI has the best model and teaching program for helping you to learn how to help clients and build your coaching practice.”
~ Lori Ann Davis, MA, LMHC, CRS

“When I found RCI I’d been a relationship coach for 8 years and I was looking for an organization that could help me with marketing. At first I didn’t believe everything they said, but their material resonated for me and I took a chance. I joined 3 years ago and I’ve never been so pleased with a decision I’ve made. Everything they said they would do for me they have done, and more. Their materials are excellent and their programs are first class. One of the biggest benefits has been being part of something bigger than my business and having a place to go when I have a question or a problem. There is a whole community within RCI that is there to help and support me. I’m a huge fan!”
~ Kat Knecht, PCC

“RCI training is jam-packed with solid information, terrific exercises and lots of strategies and skills that can be used with clients immediately. I really appreciate the clear, concise information and your wonderful, professional delivery. You’ve helped me become a better relationship coach and more effective with my clients. Thanks RCI!.”
~ Jackie Black, PhD

“I began RCI virtually broke and struggling to pay my rent.Less than two months into my RCI training I have a full schedule of clientsand more requests coming in daily. The RCI program and working with their coaches has transformed my life is so many amazing ways in a very short time. I went from a fear of failure to building a practice that will generate a 7 figure income once all the pieces are in place. Joining RCI was the best decision I have ever made for improving my business, because it’s also improving my life.”
~ Brian King, LCSW

“If you have a passion for helping others with their relationships RCI is the premier training program, the support and education is outstanding. I was blown away with all my training and the support that I’m still getting, it’s fantastic. Joining RCI is well worth it; your own relationships will improve and I believe you won’t get any better trainng for building your coaching practice. The tools, the training, the emotional support, everything you need is there. You can’t get any better!”
~ Ana Loiselle

“I came to RCI after being certified by another coach training program. I had a great interest in relationships personally and professionally, and even worked with an RCI-trained coach. I found that RCI has substantial materials, lots of insight into relationships and unbelievable support for me as a coach to build my practice. RCI is a reliable, responsible, and solid organization that has greatly supported my development as a coach.”
~ Patricia Sidman, MBA, CPCC

“I just want you to know I am sooooooo excited about this program!!! Thank you so very much for all the FREE resources you make available to us. I cannot say enough about RCI… it’s such a first-class organization, and it has really changed my life. I feel I’m at a loss for words for the value you offer, and I am grateful to be a part of this incredible organization!”
~ Dana Peikin, Relationship Coach

“With the RCI tools, we are unstoppable and grateful. We have done some amazing things already with the CD’s and books. We’ve done several Conscious Dating programs and have 3 more scheduled. The training we have received from RCI has substantially improved our relationship and has provided us the necessary tools and skills to further our commitment to alter the divorce
rate and improve the quality of relationships. After years of coaching clients, coaching school, master’s degrees, being on national TV several times, and over 25 years of personal growth and development work RCI has proven to be the missing link to fulfilling our dreams for the future.”
~ Melvin and Sherrie Allen, M.A., Los Angeles, CA

“I feel compelled to write you regarding the RCI program.  I’m reflecting in my office, going over the information from today’s class and I am in utter amazement at the amount of comprehensive, insightful and enlightening information we have covered already.  I think the information you have provided us is invaluable, both personally and professionally. And, the way you deliver and teach the material is so concise and clear-cut. I am so happy to be in this program!”
~ Melanie Matcek, San Antonio, TX

“It has been an amazing experience being part of RCI. The material, support system, staff, David, Frankie, Darlene, and other coaches have been wonderful! Thank you very much for your generousity, kindness, and contributions to RCI members. And I love my relationship coaching website through RCI!”
~ Pichaya Steinke , West Linn, OR

“I could never have done what I did this past Wednesday & Thursday without the invaluable learning I received from RCI. I participated in my first “Senior Fest” as a Relationship Coach and really felt confident I had something important to offer. I utilized a lot of the marketing strategies you recommended and I booked a paying seminar opportunity out of this event and was offered a six month column in a local senior newspaper that goes out to thousands of seniors with my own byline! I also have over 50 new registrations for my database and 10 hot prospects for my next program. PLUS I really learned a lot for the next event. I am pumped!!! I just really want to thank you for creating RCI which has provided me with a very quick learning curve. Great Job.”
~ Cher Tanner, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

“I am excited about offering RCI programs in my community. My friends are already clamoring for it. With the wonderful marketing supportyou offer, I have more marketing
ideas to get me going than I can possibly do!”
~ Alice Carleton, LCSW, MSW, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

” My training and experience with Relationship Coaching Institute was amazing and reinforced within me the deep commitment that I have for sharing this much needed relatiojnship information in my community. I never imagined 9 years ago when I embarked on my journey to become an Ordained Minister that it would lead me to RCI and all the wonderful benefits available through this amazing Institute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to spread my wings and grow & evolve into the best Relationship Coach I can be with your help and the help of all the awesome people who belong to Relationship Coaching Institute!”
~ Rev. Mandi Neiser, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

“I review a multitude of materials for Singles and those preparing for Marriage and I think the Conscious Dating Program is among the best. It is what I call an “emotionally
intelligent” approach to finding your permanent Life Partner.
For professionals working with Single clients or Young Married clients, I think RCI is at the top of the heap in terms of materials that are available, and the training is reasonably priced. You receive excellent training and even more impressive is the on-going “FREE” information and networking you receive after your training. I trained last fall and am still receiving updates, invitations to conference calls, in-service and networking opportunities.David Steele is unique in his willingness to share his wealth of resources with his RCI coaches. RCI is a community of people sharing and networking to enhance their lives and the lives of their clients.”
~Bridget Brennan, MA, President: The Cana Institute, St. Louis, Missouri

“I just finished my training to become a Certified Relationship Coach with RCI. I knew that I would learn some new tools but I was amazed at how outstanding my trainings were. My instructors were highly motivating, educational, explained everything thoroughly and made training fun. RCI is a First Class Act! I am proud to be taking classes at RCI. Everyone has been extremly helpful. I
look forward to the rest of my association with RCI.”
~Julia Grayson, Winterpark, FL

“I am very grateful to be a part of the RCI Community. You have put together a brilliant organizational structure and coaching system. RCI definitely under-promises and over-delivers.
I feel so contributed to and supported with all the classes and resources you offer. I could not have created this additional venue to my business without RCI.”
~Kathleen E. Sims, DD, CHT, Concord, CA

“I am loving this training! Although I have been married for 20 years the exercises have really had a renewing affect on me. I am hoping to start using this material to teach classes soon. I love doing this stuff! I am amazed by your constant generosity and the value that you give to all of us. Your resources really rock!”
~ Jeffrey Burns, MA, Raleigh, NC

“I’m blown away by all the resources and support that RCI offers! I had no idea that I would receive such a high level of support and a treasure trove of resources and materials. I’m so glad that I made the decision to join.”
~Uta April 2015

“I just finished your training and it was AWESOME. The Conscious Dating program is truly important work and beneficial to ANYONE no matter what life stage they are in. Thank you for putting together a fantastic program. It really does ROCK!”
~Brenda (Bj) Moorer, Houston, TX

“I love this coach training! Not only is it very marketable, it is very professional and founded on good solid theory. He has workbooks and professional manuals to support the coaches in their work. The materials are organized and uncomplicated. The information flows in a meaningful pattern, each exercise builds on the previous one. This program is so needed in today’s society where dating is getting more difficult. David’s program emphasizes the importance of understanding yourself *first* and then looking for the love of your life. This program helps the client to examine their requirements and what their relationship breakers are. It identifies dating traps and explains the idea that certain venues are more likely than others to provide an opportunity to meet the person that has the qualities that you are seeking. In all likelihood, that venue is NOT at a bar, which is where a lot of the meeting had traditionally been taking place. The client is invited to examine their relationship history in order to gain insights on who they are picking as partners.
“This program is affordable and fun and it supports the higher mission. The mission being that meaningful relationships beget healthy families which beget happy and satisfied children who grow up to be confident and high functioning adults that enhance the community in which they live and work. Could there possibly be anything better? We all should have the “Life that we love and the Love of our life. This
is a valuable and wonderful resource to share with our fellow coaches.”
~Jodi Martino, MA, Redington Beach, Florida

“Becoming a RCI coach has been the turning point in my career. My coaching practice is now grounded with direction and focus. I feel that I have found my unique path to combine financial prosperity and emotional satisfaction. The secondary (and very important) benefit is the enormous niche of the singles market I am now primed and prepared to tap into. I highly recommend this training as an additional tool for coaches and therapists who desire to become more marketable. The workbook brings structure, support and clarity to you, the facilitator, and to singles and their relationship quest.”
~Linda Keyser, Bellevue, Washington

“I am constantly blown away by all of the benefits of being a member of RCI. Thank you for making this the best, most rewarding organization I have ever been a part of.”
~Lani Rasmussen, Ph.D., London, U.K.

“You have done a masterful job in putting together this whole program. We are very excited about the future.”
~Ralph Smith, M.D., Charleston, West Virginia

“Having just finished your initial 8-week Singles Coaching training program, I’m ready to spread the word to everyone I know. This program gives me a logical, step-by-step model for my coaching practice. The materials, tools and support you provide make it easy for me to concentrate confidently on the coaching without worrying about the other stuff. As a single person, the Conscious Dating program has given me fresh insights about myself and what I’m really looking for. It has also shown me options that I did not realize were available. My friends are envious of the relationship plan that I’ve developed. So I’ve told them all to sign up for the program.”
~David Bentley, M.Ed., Friday Harbor, Washington

“I recently completed the couples coaching training, and the work David and Linda have done is excellent! What I gained is equal in value to the benefit I received from RESTS. Now I can be immediately available to every potential client, whatever their current relationship status.”
~Deki Fox, Delavan, WI

“Linda Marshall (RCI Director of Couples Coaching Training) consistently goes the ‘extra mile’ in giving real world savvy, as well as sophisticated know-how. She’s a master Couples Coach and can help
you become one!.”
–John Becker Ph.D., Bethesda, MD

“Your ‘pulling it all together’ during the last class of the Couples Coaching Training helped me realize how much we covered and how much I learned in this teleclass. I now have a much better understanding of the skills we have as coaches to use with our couples clients and I’m excited about using them with my future clients. Your depth of experience working with couples was very evident in this class, and you presented the material in a way that will enable us to effectively use the tools we learned with our clients. Thanks for your energy and dedication.”
–Barry North, Ph.D., Seattle, WA