RCI’s Brand New Coaching Business Success System™

We believe this is the biggest and most important accomplishment in RCI’s 20-year history to support the success of RCI members.

We’ve been working for years to bring you a SIMPLE, easy-to-follow, system (with lots of support and guidance) to help you build your coaching business at your own pace and on your own schedule, the RCI Coaching Business Success System™ is designed to give you all the support and tools you need to make 2018 your best year ever (really!).

Far more than just another business building program, this is a SYSTEM with everything you need to ensure your success as a coach, with all the support and resources needed to implement this system.

Here’s what’s included in RCI’s Coaching Business Success System:

  • Relationship Coaching Business-in-a-Box, makes building a highly successful relationship coaching business FAST and EASY
  • Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step System for building your coaching business at your own pace in as little as 10 minutes per day! (insanely cool, huh?)
  • World-class Relationship Coach Training and Certification
    (and be well compensated for getting dramatic results for your clients)
  • Licensing of RCI’s Conscious Dating®, Radical Dating®,  Couple for Life™ (pre-marital/pre-committed) and Radical Marriage® coaching programs
    (proven programs that clients, and our coaches, LOVE)
  • “Done for You” marketing programs professionally designed for  singles and couples
    (saves you time, money, AND gets you clients!)
  • “Done for You” presentations, seminars, workshops and classes for singles and couples to use for your marketing and generate significant income from group programs
    (leverage RCI’s “Client Creation Machine” to fill your practice)
  • Unlimited downloads and use of Client Workbooks
    (clients and coaches LOVE our easy-to-use materials and structured programs)
  • Listing in RCI Find-a-Coach directory RelationshipCoachFinder.com
    (we leverage our resources to drive traffic and clients to YOU)
  • Referrals from RCI websites and public service programs
    (can we GIVE you clients? Pretty please?)
  • On-going access to RCI mentors, trainers and leadership
    (we are committed to your success, stay connected and NEVER get stuck)
  • Online Success Teams led by experienced RCI mentors
    (available 24/7, we hold your hand every step of the way towards building your dream coaching business)
  • Complete online marketing and practice management platform including website, scheduling and payment systems, sell coaching programs and products, provide online courses, and much more.
    (automate your coaching business and generate passive income? Sweet!)
  • Access to RCI’s brand new Transformational Sales System™ guaranteed to help you convert 4 out of 5 prospects into excited, motivated paying clients.
    (getting paying clients is the KEY to a successful coaching business and where most new coaches fail)
  • And much more…

When you add up all the elements of RCI’s Coaching Business Success System™ you have a powerful formula for building a highly successful coaching business with a real-world dollar value over $34,000.00 of business building tools, resources and support.

For details, review this video and transcript:

To download a transcript of the above video, click here

  • Simple, convenient, easy to follow, at your own pace
  • No classes or conference calls necessary
  • Powerful, daily hand-holding support
  • Only 10 minutes a day is needed to build a successful coaching business

That’s right, we provide solid support to take small, achievable 10-minute actions every day that add up to a highly successful coaching business. Can you devote 10 minutes a day to living your dreams and creating financial security? Of course you can. That’s much less time than most spend on social media or watching TV or videos. But it’s amazing how much you can accomplish in such a short time when you have the right tools and support.

Over $34,000.00 of real business building tools, resources and support, exclusively for RCI members

NOW is a GREAT time to join RCI!

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A Message from David Steele about “10 Minutes a Day”

One of my favorite features of RCI’s Coaching Business Success System™ is that it makes it possible to build your business in 10 minutes day, with daily support and mentoring from myself and RCI mentor coaches.

“10 minutes a day” sounds like unrealistic hype, so here’s an explanation from my 35 years experience being in the business of helping others:

The problem- new (and experienced) coaches often have big dreams and sabotage themselves by tackling business activities way ahead of where they are and get overwhelmed and stuck.

For example, they may need to focus on getting coaching experience with real clients and getting a few real, paying clients, yet they focus on putting together an online program for passive income, writing a book, putting together a workshop they’ve never done before, building a website from scratch, and many other cool things that they aren’t ready for, don’t have the skills for, and will most likely flop because they’re ignoring the basics and setting themselves up for overwhelm and getting stuck.

Then, they think the answer is to sign up for someone’s $5,000.00 “reach for the stars” business building program and continue to avoid dealing with the basics. They waste a tremendous amount of time and money, and many wash out and go back to their J.O.B.

The need- new (and experienced) coaches need to have their foundation in place and do the boring stuff before getting to the exciting stuff- solid coaching skills and experience, niche identified, market research completed, coaching services and programs designed for their niche, etc.

The solution- 

1. Be aware of and address where you are in becoming a coach and building your coaching business. Don’t get too ahead of yourself.
2. Have a clear road map with defined steps and goals from where you are to where you want to go.
3. Break down those steps and goals into small tasks and get into the habit of building your business a few minutes a day by tackling these small tasks one at a time.

Many folks get overwhelmed when they take on too much and try to do too much at once. So by “10 minutes a day” we are moving forward every day successfully; we know what to do and it’s easy and achievable and we can easily fit building our business into our busy lifestyle.

Here’s an example of what can be accomplished in 10 minutes per day:

Let’s say you want to write a book (I’ve done this four times now). It’s a huge, overwhelming project. But you can write a book in 10 minutes per day if you want, here’s what I did-

1. Brainstorm title

2. Get ideas/feedback from others on title

3. Create outline of chapters

4. Write first paragraph of introduction – why are you writing this book?

5. Write one paragraph per day until intro is done and you have a clear vision/road map for the book content

6. Start chapter 1 with an intro paragraph

7. Write one paragraph per day until chapter one is done in draft form (everything should be considered a draft)

8. Publish excerpt of chapter 1 as blog post or article

9. Schedule conference call, tele-seminar, or webinar on the topic covered in chapter 1

10. Outline agenda for above presentation (this presentation, including transcript, will help write the book)

etc, etc.

Get the idea? Each of the above steps can be accomplished in 10 minutes per day, but of course you can choose to work longer. Productivity research shows that shorter work times and breaking large tasks up into smaller chunks is much more effective than trying to do too much at once.

As a mentor, I’d much rather support you in each of your small steps along the way, rather than when you’ve completed a big chunk, only to find that you’ve gone in the wrong direction and need to start over (this has happened more times than I can count in mentoring RCI members). There are many elements of RCI’s Coaching Business Success System™, but I truly believe this is the most important.

After 20 years of training and mentoring coaches, I’ve seen too many get stuck, frustrated, and wash out because of the above problem and need, which I’m excited to finally address effectively in RCI’s Coaching Business Success System™.

I look forward to having you join us.