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December 2007

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Ask Our Coaches:
I'm Pregnant! What Should I Do?

... I’m pregnant. I know for a fact that my partner doesn’t want to have children. What should I do?

This column answers questions submitted by our readers. Submit your questions to Tara@relationshipcoachinginstitute.com who will forward them to our coaches all over the world. Each issue, we'll publish a few answers from our RCI coaches.

Dear Coaches, 

I’m 34, never married and am dating a divorced 36-year-old man. Neither of us has children – yet – that is. We’ve been seeing each other for about 6 months. Everything has been going well and we’re definitely committed to each other.

Now, there’s a new twist to the situation. I’m pregnant and it’s been verified by my doctor. I do know for a fact that my partner doesn’t want to have children. I will have this baby regardless of whether we remain together, but now I’m in a difficult situation. What should I do?

Cindy from Chicago

Justine responds …

Congratulations. Having a child can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in life. Since you have decided to have this baby, with or without your partner’s involvement, what you need to do is simple.

Tell your partner that you are pregnant and be open to his reaction. You have no way of knowing what that will be until it happens. So be prepared for a variety of responses.

Remember that you are not responsible for how he reacts so try not to internalize his feelings. He willingly participated in the act that got you pregnant and is equally responsible. Whatever his reaction, be honest with your intentions and let him know what you would like to happen. Give him time to adjust.

Whether your partner embraces the fact that he’s having a child or not, you are facing many new challenges. Your relationship and life are changing. What type of support will you need? How can you get that support in order to make this a positive experience?

Whatever the outcome, I’m confident that you will do the best you can for you and your baby. Enjoy this new phase of life you’re entering.

Justine Arian | www.ThePregnancyCoach.com | 310.864.5884

Hazel responds …

First, be honest with your partner. He's the baby's father. This could have a big impact on him. You want to keep the baby -- he might feel differently.

If he was very clear about not wanting children going into the relationship, he might be hurt and angry and he might feel betrayed. On the other hand, he might change his mind when he hears you are pregnant.

I think it's important to have a very open and honest conversation with him. Depending on the outcome of the conversation, if he doesn't agree or if he's angry, I would suggest you seek the advice of a therapist who can help both of you through this.

Don't be hasty with your decision and please think, not only about what you and the father want, but also about the baby. I wish you the very best of luck.

Hazel Palache | www.TheAstonishingPowerofYou.com

Cher responds …

You stated you’ll have this baby no matter what and seem prepared to raise your child alone. However, it sounds like you want to explore what possibilities exist with the father.

Apparently, you’ve previously discussed the question of children to know that he is opposed. Since you’ve remained together, stating “everything has been going well,” either you, too, were opposed or were willing to forgo having children because the “kids or no kids” conflict is almost always an unsolvable problem -- a relationship deal-breaker.

If moral values trumped your relationship card while considering abortion or adoption, isn’t it conceivable that your partner could feel the same? Discussing children hypothetically is very different from discussing children with a pregnant woman carrying your child. Disclose this dilemma immediately to learn where he stands.

In highly-charged emotional situations such as this, it is often beneficial to have an impartial professional guiding you. Since you intend to have this baby, regardless, seek out a relationship coach. He or she can assist you in exploring possible options going forward, as either a couple, or as birth parents with specific responsibilities. Good luck Cindy as your world and waist expand.

Cher Tanner |www.FastTrackHappiness.com | 727.432.9494

Feature Article:
Soulmate Redefined

by Lisa Fredette, CTA

Soulmate. It’s a word you’ve probably mentioned when discussing a new love interest, or encountered when reading a relationship book. Or perhaps it’s something you’ve wondered about to yourself as you’ve dreamed about the man or woman you’ve recently met, or who you, one day, hope to meet.

But what exactly is a soulmate? In this month’s feature article, RCI Coach Lisa Fredette explains everything you wanted to know about soulmates … and more!

Tara Kachaturoff

Are you searching for your soulmate? Do you ever say to yourself or have you heard others say, “I would be happy only if I could find my soulmate”?

What exactly is a soulmate and why are we searching for one?

Soulmate: Defined

The Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia defines “soulmate” as “someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity.” Is this your definition of soulmate? If not, what’s your definition?

When I found myself single again, after my divorce, soulmate was a word I used often. After a failed relationship you really begin to evaluate what you want in a future partner and believe that you should settle for no less than your true “soulmate.” Because after all, if you find your “soulmate,” your relationship is guaranteed to last, right?

All this talk of soulmates reminds me of an episode of Sex in the City. Carrie, one of the main characters, was once again struggling with her relationships and found herself reeling from yet another breakup. The ultimate question came up -- “Why are we always searching for our soulmate?”

Well the ladies decided that they would be each other’s soulmates and the men in their life would just be the men in their life. This would protect them from the pain of another breakup -- or so they thought.

This got me thinking. Is a soulmate really your other half? If that is the case, we are then searching our whole life for someone to come along and fill that void in our life, right? Seems to me that we are giving someone else a great deal of power over whether we are complete and happy in life. I’m not too comfortable with giving away my power. What about you?

Thinking of soulmate in that context forced me to re-evaluate my definition and my search for one. What I found is that I needed to be my own soulmate before I would be able to attract one. So I set out to be the person “… with whom I had a feeling of deep and natural affinity.” I figured out that if I could love myself unconditionally, then I did not “need” a soulmate to fulfill me -- when I had one -- me. Wow! Talk about empowering.

Well that revelation was only half the battle. The real challenge was learning to love myself unconditionally. After all, aren’t we all our own biggest critics? How does one learn to love oneself unconditionally? Great question!

Some of the steps that I took toward loving myself unconditionally were through

1) Forgiveness,
2) Gratitude, and
3) Acknowledgement


Personally, I think forgiveness is the most important element. If you are not willing to forgive yourself and others for past mistakes, you will never be able to love yourself unconditionally.

A great definition of forgiveness is “letting go of the belief that you can change the past.” Isn’t that so true? Isn’t forgiveness really about accepting what happened and moving forward? The inability to forgive keeps you stuck in the past, re-living the mistakes or injustices over and over again.

Recently, I heard on the Oprah show about another way of looking at forgiveness. It was stated that when one is unwilling to forgive, it is like taking a daily poison and hoping the other person will die. In reality, it is you who is slowly dying day by day. So I say -- take back your power and begin to forgive yourself and others, today!


Gratitude is another important concept. Living in gratitude allows you to appreciate yourself and the world around you. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to turn your focus from all the perceived negativity in your life, to the positive. Try it. Complete this sentence: “I am grateful for ….”


Finally, acknowledgements are just as important. Can you finish this sentence: “I acknowledge myself for …”? For many, this is tough. Acknowledgements force you to look at all that you can and have accomplished in your life. Again, an acknowledgement journal is great for this. Take the time, daily, to acknowledge yourself. You will finally find out how wonderful you really are.

If you incorporate these small steps into your life, every day, you will start to love and appreciate yourself. And before you know it you will have unconditional love for yourself and will have found your true soulmate!

Copyright © 2007 by Lisa Fredette. All rights reserved in all media.

Lisa A. Fredette | CTA Certified Life Coach
Passionate About Life Coaching

Bonus Article:
Internet Dating FAQs

by Sandra Rohr

Internet dating is as popular as ever. Still, there are some singles who question how helpful it might be and if it’s the best way of meeting that special someone. Whatever your thoughts about the topic, RCI Coach Sandra Rohr explores the answers to these and other questions as she offers helpful advice in this month’s bonus article.

Tara Kachaturoff

Q: How effective is the internet for finding someone to date?

A: Actually, it’s quite easy to meet people on the internet because everyone there is looking for some sort of connection, although not everyone is looking for the same sort of connection. And not everyone you meet will be a potential partner.

When I started dating using the internet, I wanted to meet my life partner and get married right away. Things didn’t work out that way, and at first, I was disappointed. But looking back on the last 10 years and thinking about the important relationships I have had during that time, I recognized that what I really needed was the experience of growth. And each of those relationships brought me that.

I have learned much about relationships and about life and about being with a partner, even though none of the men I dated was my life partner. Further, the time I spent with each one was so sweet and has left so many wonderful memories that I can in no way regret any of them. So make use of the internet for what it’s good for: meeting others, and be less concerned about the immediate outcome.

Q: How does someone know if online dating is the right thing for them to do? If going online is simply not an option, what's the next best way to meet someone?

A: I encourage my clients to be open to growth and to be willing to stretch their comfort zones. When I began to date on the internet, I was terrified! But I had a friend who met her partner that way and I faced down my fears, which is always a growth experience in itself. Having said that, if you are really fearful with the whole idea, not just uncomfortable, then don’t do it. You should never do something that really makes you fearful.

The truth is that we can meet our partner anywhere. Kathryn Alice, the author of Love Will Find You, says that even if you never leave the house, your partner can have an accident in your front yard! But in the meantime, there are other venues to explore. Find groups that share your most deeply held values and interests.

Are you passionate about the environment? You will find similar people in the Sierra Club, or involved in political groups focused on the environment. Places of worship are time-honored venues where you can meet a partner. The important considerations in choosing a group are that the group espouse your deeply held beliefs and give you the opportunity to socialize as well. You should also feel comfortable and confident within the group.

Q: Many singles wonder if online dating is safe. Is it? Are there any special precautions someone should take?

A: When I began to date online, the best advice columnists insisted that online dating was unsafe, and that no one should consider it. And it is true that you can meet some real jerks online. But it is also true that you can meet some real jerks in your church. Or at work. Or in the apartment right next door to you.

The important thing is not where you meet someone, but that when you meet that person, you tune in both to your intuition and to your common sense. Some basic safety rules are:

• Only give out your phone number when you have exchanged enough through email to feel comfortable doing so.

• If you give out a phone number, use your cell phone number, which is not linked in a directory to your home address.

• Meet in person only after talking on the phone to the point you feel comfortable doing so.

• When you meet, do so in a public place.

• Don’t provide your home address until you are comfortable doing so.

• Look for consistency between the person’s words and actions; if at any time you get a red light—or even a flashing yellow light—listen to your intuition and bail.

Q: How do you help your clients get started with online dating?

A: I start by coaching them to become conscious of their deepest values and what they absolutely require in a mate, as well as their own needs and wants. This step is vital.

Then, because I was an English teacher in a former life, I am uniquely qualified to help them write an appealing profile. I point out the importance of having a recent, flattering—but not glamorous—photo. Finally, I help them post their information on the dating website of their choice.

It's not a difficult process, but it's helpful to work with a relationship coach, experienced with online dating, to create an effective profile which will help you attract that special someone.

Sandra Rohr, M.A., is a certified Life Purpose Coach and relationship coach, who specializes in helping singles to connect with their life partners, and couples to establish and maintain strong relationships. 

Copyright © 2007 by Sandra Rohr. All rights reserved in all media.

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