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August 2007

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David Steele
Editor- David Steele
Founder and CEO
Relationship Coaching Institute

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1 RCI's 10 Year Anniversary! 2007
2 New and improved Communication Map launches Now available!
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RCI's 10 Year Anniversary!

RCI's 10 Year Anniversary!

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Learn how to coach singles, couples, and develop a successful Relationship Coaching practice, taught by RCI founder David Steele and his teaching staff.

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Wednesday, August 22, 5:30pm pacific/8:30pm eastern

Linda Marshall - PhotoConscious Mating:
Deciding "Is This the One?"

With David Steele and Linda Marshall

When singles become pre-committed couples they ask themselves "Is this the right relationship for me? Is this 'The One' for a lifetime commitment?" Fearing relationship failure, many avoid making this decision, and as a result the marriage rate is declining.

Most of us want a fulfilling committed relationship. Our goal in Conscious Mating is to provide you the information and strategies for answering the question "Is this the right relationship for me?"

In this program you will learn:

- How to identify relationship red flags and danger signs

- How to know if you're talking yourself into (or out of) a relationship because of fear

- Our #1 Strategy for determining "Is this 'The One?'"

- Three powerful questions you need to ask yourself before considering commitment

- Nine areas of a relationship to evaluate for decision-making

- How to get off the fence, "Be the Chooser" and live happily ever after with your soul mate

- And more!

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Thursday, August 9, 5:30pm pacific/8:30pm eastern

No More Mr. Nice Guy! Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life

With Robert Glover, Ph.D.

- Too concerned about what other people think of you?

- Spend too much time taking care of other people?

- Having a hard time making your intimate relationships work?

- Frustrated with your sex life?

In No More Mr. Nice Guy!, Dr. Robert Glover presents a proven plan to get what you want in love, sex and life. Whether you're single and looking for love or in a relationship that you want to become all it can be, Dr. Glover will help you identify your own self-defeating behaviors and find what you're looking for.

In this program you will learn-

  • How to stop seeking approval and make your needs a priority
  • How to build healthy, vibrant relationships
  • How to tell the truth with love
  • How to set the tone and take the lead without being controlling
  • Three rules for great sex

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Feature Article:
Helping Your Clients Identify Dating Red Flags

by David Steele

Below is a Dating Red Flags Checklist to help singles identify possible red flags in a prospective relationship

I. Projecting the Future:

1.    _____ Would I want to spend the rest of my life with                 this person exactly as they are?

2.    _____ Would I want this person to raise my child?

3.    _____ Would I want my child to be exactly like this                 person?

II. Are You Talking Yourself Into a Relationship?

4.    _____ Do I want to rescue or "help" them because I
                see their potential?

5.    _____ I love the way they look or their status and it                 builds my self-esteem to be with them.

6.    _____ We have some things in common and so I'm
                avoiding looking at glaring differences.

7.    _____ They appear to be totally different than people
                I've been with in the past.

8.    _____  I'm focusing on one important quality (money,                  sex, fun, humor, etc) and ignoring unmet

III. Danger Signs

9.  _____ Reacts to frustration with anger, rage, blame

10.  _____ Blames others or circumstances for life situation

11.  _____ Tries to control everything, including me

12.  _____ Immature, impulsive, and/or irresponsible

13.  _____ Emotionally distant or void, aloof

14.  _____ Still pining for a past relationship

15.  _____ Wants me to make their sad life better

16. _____ Married or otherwise unavailable to commit to me

17. _____ Active addiction, addictive behavior
              (rationalized as "not a problem")

IV. Other Common Red Flags

18.  _____ Is pessimistic and negative about things
               that matter to me

19.  _____ Lacks integrity in dealing with people, money, etc.

20.  _____ Judgmental attitude toward themselves & others

21.  _____ Unwilling to self-examine, accept feedback,
               take responsibility

22.  _____ Doesn't keep agreements

23.  _____ What they say about themself doesn't match

24. _____ Emotional roller coaster, recurring or regular
              emotional drama

25. _____ This isn't what I really want, but I don't want
               to be alone

26. _____ Changeable, inconsistent behavior

27. _____ Inability to listen

28. _____ I notice myself trying to change this person to fit
              what I want, instead of accepting them for who
              they are

29. _____ Talks too much (especially about self),
               monopolizes conversation

30. _____ Overly quiet, withdrawn


A. Total checked items from Section II, III, and IV _______

B. Circle the checked items that need close attention,
decision-making, or require more information.

C. On a scale from 0 (Not at all) to 100 (Perfect fit) my minimum score for considering any relationship is _______

D. Using the above scale I score this potential
     relationship _______

E.  Based upon the above results, I--  should / shouldn't
                                                                        (circle one)
     proceed dating this potential partner.

Note: If it's clear you should not proceed dating this potential partner and you have any difficulty moving on, we strongly suggest showing this checklist to your best friend, close family member, therapist or coach and get the support you need to be "The Chooser."                   

Source: This checklist was created by Linda Marshall and David Steele, with invaluable and much appreciated input from RCI coaches.                                                                                       

© 2007 Relationship Coaching Institute– All rights reserved.



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