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April 2007

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Conscious Internet Dating: Using Your Computer to Find Your Soul Mate

With Frankie Doiron and special guest, RCI coach Sandra Rohr

We have been asking singles to tell us their biggest challenges with Conscious Dating and we've received many questions about internet dating, so if you've ever wondered how to effectively scout, sort, screen and test to find your life partner on the internet, this program's for you. We've even lined up a guest expert to show you the ropes.

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  • How to sort, screen and test internet dates

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      ~ Dave Wagner, Kitchener, ON

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Ask Our Coaches:
Is It Too Soon?

...Things have moved very quickly, so much so that he asked me this past weekend to marry him. I said “yes.”

This column answers questions submitted by our readers. Submit your questions to who will forward them to our coaches all over the world. Each issue, we'll publish a few answers from our RCI coaches.

Dear Coaches, 

I’m 47 with two children and I’m dating a man who is 45 (no children). We are both divorced and both of us have been out of those prior relationships for over 3 years. We started dating about 4 months ago and we see each other about 4 to 5 times per week. Things have moved very quickly, so much so that he asked me this past weekend to marry him. I said “yes.”

We love each other, we have similar visions for our lives and each of us has completed relationship classes with two different RCI coaches. We seem compatible in all aspects. We feel we’re being conscious singles because we’ve done the work.

Are we moving too fast? Do you think we may be missing something? We’re not inexperienced in relationships, but at the same time we want to make sure we’re seeing things clearly. Do you have any advice for us?

Together in Toronto

Frankie responds …

It sounds like you've been very conscious about screening and testing each other to make certain you are compatible. Kudos to you both! Conscious Dating really works and it's always good to see it in action.

Rather than give advice, I'd like you to ask yourselves, "What's the rush to get married?" In my opinion and experience, four months is not enough time to get to know someone and test for all your requirements.

Because of your experience with the Conscious Dating principles, you have an advantage over most couples. You understand that you are still in the first flush of “falling in love” AND you know how to navigate the traps. Use your knowledge wisely and make this the best relationship choice you have ever made. You have the makings of an amazing relationship. If that requires waiting a few months, isn't it worth the wait?

This is the perfect opportunity to work with an RCI coach who can help you dig a little deeper, get further clarity about your relationship and decide how to best move forward. I wish you much happiness and love!

Frankie Doiron
President, Relationship Coaching Network | 905.453.7451

LeAnn responds …

What an exciting time for you and your new love. It seems as though you have done the preparation work to provide a solid foundation to build a life together. It is not clear how the children are progressing in their acceptance of this new relationship. Depending upon their ages, they may also be living with your partner when you marry and their transition into this relationship is of great consideration here. Your partner's integration into the family can go more smoothly with time and intention.  

Also, what about the infatuation stage of a relationship? How does that show up to enhance your feelings for each other? It is wonderful, isn't it? In 4 months, so much is learned about one another and there are so many more aspects of a character that come forward over time. In the beginning of any relationship, the wonderful emotions of love can cause us to look past any red flags. What is the hurry to get married? Is there any reason time would be a problem? It sounds like a beautiful relationship blooming into a life together. How exciting. I wish you both and your children a joyful union.

LeAnn O'Neal, MA, MFT

Cherice responds …

Congratulations on your engagement! Relationships are so beautiful because each one has its own recipe which has the potential to bake into the most delicious cake ever – “Finding the Love of Your Life.” Thankfully, each recipe is different; however, this hinders one from saying, “You need to date exactly x number of months prior to entering into a committed relationship.”
To determine if you are overlooking anything, both of you might consider taking several months (or more, if desired) to really enjoy your engagement. Continue to discover the beauty of the unknown. This time will be very important as you will be able to observe patterns in one another. You may find out how your fiancé reacts to hard days at work, to rainy days outside, or even to important events that have time constraints. 

Through these continual observations, consistency of character can be determined. This consistency may help further authenticate the unconditional love that you share. Keep on walking together, hand in hand, towards your vision!
Cherice Tyler, 804.931.4229

Cher responds …

What's the rush? Last I checked the average lifespan today is 83! There’s plenty of time for marital bliss. That's what you want, right? Not a big T-N-T explosion/divorce 5 to 10 years down the road (which occurs in 39% of remarriages).

Go back to your RCI training. Refresh your memory about the Pre-commitment Stage, the arena into which you have only just entered. Yes, you have decided that real potential exists for a compatible marriage. But, slow down and take the time to really dig deeply into each other's long-standing core values and non-negotiable requirements.

Get clarity on each other’s individual vision, purpose, and goals for confirmation. His asking and you accepting his marriage proposal demonstrates that you’ve consciously entered into this exciting, extremely private realm of mutual discovery. Don't short-change yourselves.

I always promote the "Fast Track to Happiness," however with only four months together there is still much unknown to determine if he’s "The One." Take the time NOW to discover each others nuances -- to be confident that there will not be future "unsolvable" conflicts that may ultimately destroy your love. Consider engaging in “Partners in Life” coaching, together as a Pre-committed/Pre-marital couple, which should optimize a flourishing marriage in the future.

Cher Tanner | Fast Track Happiness Coaching

Nan responds …

Four months is not a long time to know one another before deciding to marry. Since both of you have completed relationship classes and you have been dating consciously and frequently, you might very well be ready to take the relationship to another level.

What have you done to prepare your children for the fact that you are in a serious relationship and have become engaged? What is your fiancé’s relationship with your children, and vice versa? You mentioned you have similar visions for your lives – his hasn’t included children (and potential grandchildren) until 4 months ago.

Perhaps, a longer engagement period will help the four of you to communicate your individual and collective requirements, needs and wants to the other 3 partners in the new relationship. Even if your children no longer live at home, their access and relationship to you will change once you are married. Asking “what if” questions and planning contingencies for various future scenarios (good and bad) will help each of you to handle events as they occur in your new family.

Nan Einarson || 905.728.5882

Sandy responds …

Generally speaking, 4 months is a bit quick. You have not yet seen each other through a year, which is best. There’s a strong chance that some surprises could develop that would give you pause, and the fact of your engagement could keep you from paying attention to those surprises.

On the other hand, you enumerate some good reasons in favor of your quick movement, not the least of which is that neither of you is a love-struck teen (although love at any age feels just the same as when we were 16). Add to that your relationship classes and your determination to be conscious, and I am somewhat less concerned.

My advice for you is to continue to be conscious; pay attention to any red flags that arise—and keep your determination strong to deal with them. Also, you should actively work on your communication skills, ideally with the help of your relationship coach. Time spent now, planning and preparing for your marriage (as opposed to just preparing for your wedding), will pay off in the long run. Get a copy of Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be, an excellent book by Hogan and Hogan. This book lists literally thousands of questions for couples to discuss, questions that will illuminate issues that may arise in the marriage.

Sandra Rohr, M.A. | Your Personal Love Coach

Michelle responds …

You ask if you are moving too fast and if you might be missing something.  Have you seen each other mad? ...with your extended families? …with your friends? … in normal as well as possibly stressful situations outside of dating? What feedback have you received from friends and family members? What do each of you feel in your “innermost being” when you are away from each other and quiet with yourself (and your God)? 

Have you asked all the questions and received all the answers from the book by Eve Hogan entitled Intellectual Foreplay? It includes questions that each of you can explore and answer for yourselves and each other. If after doing all of this, you feel you are ready and you believe you know “the good, the bad, and the ugly” about each other and still feel ready to marry, I would encourage you to move ahead. However, still be cautious and aware of any possible hesitations that arise along the way.  God bless you.

Michelle Blacksher | | 503.504.7052

Feature Article:
Four Common Dating Mistakes

By RCI Coaches

Mistake # 1:  You stay in a relationship too long (even though you know it's not right for you) …

LeAnn comments …

Mistake: Staying in a relationship you know is wrong keeps your energy and intention focused on something that is not in integrity with who you are. When you apply the "Law of Attraction" to this scenario, you quickly conclude you will attract more of "what you don't want."  When you’re in a relationship you KNOW you don't want, you take "action" in a different direction than you would if you were in a relationship you did want.
Solution: Take a risk by taking action to move in the direction of your chosen goal -- a relationship with someone with whom you FIT -- and end the relationship that is not resonating with who you are. Be authentic and choose YOU and what is BEST for YOU.

LeAnn O'Neal, MA, MFT

Mistake #2: You become exclusive too soon …

Randy comments …
Mistake: Many people mistake the "desire to be exclusive" for "love," when, in fact, it is "insecurity." It’s a mistake to become exclusive too soon for several reasons: 

#1 It takes a long time to really get to know someone

#2 Human nature is such that once a person agrees to be exclusive, he or she begins to feel trapped. This instinctive and irrational fear magnifies otherwise small problems. 

#3 Once you agree to exclusivity, you restrict your ability to meet other people, and when the exclusive relationship falters, you find yourself with no backup.  
Solution: The solution is to delay exclusivity, at least beyond the three-month infatuation period, and as far into the two-year power struggle phase as each of you can stand. If you must be exclusive, consider how far to go. Can’t have sex with others? Can’t date others? I favor starting out with the fewest restrictions possible.
Randy Hurlburt

Mistake #3: You ignore relationship red flags …
LeAnn comments …

Mistake: “Red flags" are things you notice about the relationship or behaviors of the person with whom you are in relationship that aren’t aligned with you and the way you live your life. For example, let’s say you don't smoke and you don't want to be around smoke, but you’re in a relationship with someone who does smoke. 

This may not seem like a "red flag" because this person "fits" with your requirements for the relationship in all other ways.  Ignoring this will put off the thoughts and feelings you relate to "smoking" for a later time; however, those thoughts and feelings will surface at some point in the future when you have much more time and energy invested into the relationship. The more you invest over time, the more difficult it will be to break it off.
Solution: Before you begin a relationship, determine your relationship requirements that are your "deal breakers." The more you explore who you are, the more clear you will be about who you choose as a potential date – before you invest time and energy into the relationship. Identify your red flags and be confident YOU can have the relationship you want without settling for what happens to show up.

LeAnn O'Neal, MA, MFT

Mistake #4: You set up unrealistic expectations of yourself or the relationship …

Randy comments …

Mistake: Unmet expectations are one of the biggest sources of disappointment and conflict. Our expectations in relationships are deeply programmed into us by parents, peers, and the media. "If we love each other we can solve any problem," "love should lead to exclusivity and marriage," and "happily ever after," are just a few of the many and varied expectations we may have.
Solution: Being realistic requires giving up programmed beliefs, and this is not easy. The key is to recognize that you and the other person are uniquely different and imperfect individuals, but possibly capable of growth. 

If you can learn the skills to accept differences and imperfections (particularly the ones that hurt you most), and at the same time develop new and better behaviors, then the relationship has a chance to succeed. It helps to view relationships as a continuum of unexpected stages, possibly leading towards a desirable goal, while at the same time avoiding stereotypical relationship expectations such as “dating-exclusivity-marriage.”
Randy Hurlburt

LeAnn comments …

Mistake: Talk about a perfect opportunity for sabotaging yourself! Why set yourself up for failure? The point of a relationship is to enhance life and to enjoy it. Setting up unrealistic expectations for yourself or the relationship creates a catalyst effect. 

First, you set up the relationship to move forward with a "desperate" type feeling inside you, or in both you and your relating partner. This "desperation" has a snowball effect, gaining momentum and becoming bigger and bigger over time. There will be a "crash" at the bottom of the hill. Someone is going to feel pain when the "crash" occurs. 

There are many issues that come up with this type of relationship "set up" -- unmet expectations, disappointments, anxiety to perform, feelings of not being "good enough," fear of failure, and list goes on.  Why sabotage your relationship by setting it up with unrealistic expectations?
Solution: Identify your own expectations before you enter into a relationship. Then, working with your partner, identify what both of your expectations are for the relationship. Determine your relationship boundaries, what you need to have in the relationship to feel appreciated and loved, how close you want to be and how you want the closeness to progress – what is comfortable for both of you. Take the Conscious Dating RESTS (Relationship Success Training for Singles) course with a qualified coach from RCI and become conscious about what you want and what would assist you in choosing the RIGHT relationship for YOU.

LeAnn O'Neal, MA, MFT

©2007 Relationship Coaching Institute

Bonus Article:
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

by Taina Ketola

A few weeks ago as I watched a child pull the petals off a daisy, I was struck by this little ritual that our civilization has invented to determine the success of a love relationship. Of course no one actually believes that the outcome of this ritual will determine whether or not one has found true love, but the attitude of superstition, the sense of not really knowing what is going on and the tendency to pull the flower of love apart in our innocent search for the secret to its fulfillment, is something that is familiar to us all.

Most of us dive into love like a blindfolded swimmer, unaware that we are wearing the blindfold and hoping for the best. We need to learn how to take that blindfold off and make conscious decisions so that we stop jumping into rocky or shark-infested waters. 

We can overcome our earlier mistakes and learn how to make new and better decisions.  We don’t have to keep repeating the past. This is what relationship coaching is all about. We can learn how to make our ideal relationship possible. Armed with that knowledge we become more secure and less impulsive. We can define our life’s vision and commit to getting all of our needs and requirements met. In this way we can avoid what David Steele, founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, calls the "mini-marriage."

In the mini-marriage, we become emotionally involved too quickly with someone we feel attracted to. Without a clear relationship plan we get in too deep and too fast.  Then once we’ve lost sight of land, the sharks start closing in.  Before we know it, we have another failed relationship on our hands. Our self-confidence has taken a beating and we begin to despair of ever finding a workable relationship. All of the petals are off the daisy and she loves me not.

Putting all of one’s emotional investment into one relationship before we have determined whether or not this is the right relationship for us is the cause of the time-wasting and confidence-destroying pattern of the mini-marriage.  Underneath this pattern is often found fear and/or ignorance of our true goals in life and how to fulfill them or how to utilize them to strengthen and succeed in our relationship quest.

You don’t have to fall into the negative patterns of the past. You can make conscious relationship choices and learn the skills that we were not taught in school and that few of us ever had the chance to learn at home.

Most people think that they know what they want, but not how to get it.  The truth is that we almost always need to fully clarify what it is that we truly require, need and want in life and in our primary relationship.  Only when we are crystal clear about what it is that we are seeking can we develop confidence in our ability to achieve these unique goals. Then we can begin to develop the skills that will enable us to find the partnership that we truly need in life.  Relationship coaching addresses all three of these aspects of a successful relationship quest – to know what, to know how and to know that it can and must be achieved. 

Not only is it possible for us to achieve a life partnership that is an essential part of a truly fulfilling life, if we look closely at this issue we realize that it is also something that we are obligated to achieve.  This is so because people who are true and functional life partners are able to give so much more to life than they could in solitary isolation.  A true life partnership represents a creative contribution to the world.

Even more importantly for those of us who choose to be parents, a fully functional life partnership is the foundation of a healthy family.  When you have created a partnership that fulfills your life vision the two of you have created a powerful sanctuary to support your children to go forward into life fully armed to achieve their own unique life potential and to develop healthy relationships of their own.

Avoid making choices that sabotage love.  Consider working with a qualified relationship coach to help you discover the life and relationship you will truly love and enjoy.

Taina Ketola is an RCI coach and the author of Sun Signs: Portrait of the Soul.  She offers Relationship Success Training for Singles through private and group sessions.  (416) 855-9517, (250) 412-7160 or at

©2007 Relationship Coaching Institute

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