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March 2006

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Ask Our Coaches:
He's Cheap: Stay or Skate?

This column answers questions submitted by our readers. Submit your questions to She will forward them to our coaches all over the world. Each issue, we'll publish a few answers from our RCI coaches.

This Month's Question: He's Cheap: Stay or Skate?

Dear Coaches,

I am a 27-year old, single, marketing analyst and he's a 35 year old, single, attorney. Neither of us has been married before. I met my boyfriend on about 3 months ago. We really hit it off. We both "advertised" that we were looking to find someone who wanted a committed relationship leading to marriage. Everything has been going well for the most part. We have met the families and friends, we have a lot in common, and we have similar goals for the future.

The one thing I can't deal with is his being cheap. When we go out to dinner, we always need to use a coupon. He scrutinizes receipts as if everyone is trying to rip him off. He's always talking about this or that when it comes to spending money. This behavior drives me nuts!

When I was growing up, money was sparse and a difficult topic in our household. So, from that standpoint, I understand my feelings around it. I can't see myself dealing with this long-term and I definitely couldn't handle it in marriage. Money seems to be bring out the strangest behavior in some people -- and certainly so in my boyfriend. Do you think I should talk to him about this? I know people don't change. Do you think this is too big and too deep an issue to bother with? Should I move on and cut my losses?

Lisa from San Diego

Marcia responds …

You've run into a deal-breaker, and yes, you should move on. You answered your own question when you said "the one thing I can't deal with is his being cheap" and "I can't see myself dealing with this long-term and I definitely couldn't handle it in marriage." There's your answer.

Now, I have a question for you: Do you really think he will ever change? Don't be afraid to move on from a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Marcia Augustine | Dating Coach | 770.499.8932

Janice responds …

Singles need to determine if the person they're dating has what I like to call "enduring qualities." Some of these characteristics include honesty, kindness, generosity, caring, loyalty, and trustworthiness. These attributes and characteristics are essential for creating and sustaining a committed relationship.

The man you're dating sounds far from being generous, kind and trustworthy. You could tell him how his behavior with money makes you feel and ask that he change. However, even if he does, concerns about money might continue to be a life-long challenge for him, and for whomever he marries. In the end, it is up to you to determine if this behavior is acceptable to you before considering a future together.

Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D. |
212.874.1470 |

Sandra responds …

How wise of you to consider your bottom-line requirements! When we ignore the most basic elements of who we are and what we require in a relationship, we get into trouble. Congratulations for being courageous and facing this issue squarely.

Let me assure you that people can change—if they care to and if what they are trying to change is not one of their core traits. You say that you understand why you feel the way you do about money, but it would be important for both you and him to learn why he has such issues.

It would be useful to discuss this with him, first, because this may be something that he has never considered consciously before, and second, because he deserves to know how he appears to others. If this is something he is willing to work on, you might be able to salvage the relationship.

If reading my last statement created a sinking feeling in your stomach, it could be that you’re ready to leave this relationship for other reasons as well. I wish you the best of luck as you deal with this issue.

Sandra Rohr | WellSprings Coaching | 714.774.8540

Randy responds …

There are two important questions here:

1. How strong are your feelings for him (and his for you)?

2. How capable are the both of you of changing your attitudes and behaviors?

There's nothing wrong with using coupons, checking the bill, and otherwise being frugal. This will help pay for a house, a car, or possibly your children's education. On the other hand, it can be overdone or be inappropriate if he is rude to you or to others when it comes to this issue.

He may not be aware of your visceral reaction to money issues, and if you were able to make him aware of it in a constructive way, there is a possibility he would modify his behavior. Maybe there are opportunities for compromise such as he brings the coupons and you check the bills.

All relationships have problems. Emotionally mature people who are strongly interested in one another can and do change for the better.

Consider this as a test to assess how much he is interested in you and the relationship and how capable he is of dealing constructively with you on this issue. This is a good testing ground to see how you both will be able to handle other issues when they come along.

Randy Hurlburt | | 858.455.0799

Peter responds …

Money issues are among the top relationship issues that can drive a wedge between partners. You seem to have a handle on your history, perspectives and feelings around money. A wise approach might be for you and your partner to have a frank discussion, with a professional coach if necessary, around your individual feelings and attitudes around this topic. It sounds as if both of you are responsible and accountable for your money; however, you just show up in different ways when it comes to how you view spending money.

Your conversation can reveal where the two of you agree and disagree when it comes to your beliefs, feelings, and needs around money. First, you need to find common ground around issues such as spending and saving for the short and long term. Next, you might explore ways you can support each other with other attitudes around money, in a way that respects each other’s views.

All along, it is important that both of you respect and support each other’s needs. Such a conversation could be the start of a wise investment in both your financial well-being and your relationship together.

Peter G. Vajda, Ph.D. | SpiritHeart: Integrated Coaching | 770.804.9125


Relationship Readiness Quiz

Did you know you can take the Relationship Readiness Quiz at Simply sign up for a free membership to enjoy the quiz as well as other resources developed by RCI Founder and CEO, David Steele.

Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff | Editor

Feature Article

Ten Things You Can Do Right Now To Find Your Perfect Mate

by David Steele
CEO & Founder, Relationship Coaching Institute

1. Start by losing the losers

If you want to find your soul mate, you must be available and not involved with people who aren't right for you.

2. OK, available now? Next... are you "ready?"

Do you have any unfinished business that might sabotage your next relationship? Get it handled now!

3. Next, make a list your top five requirements

Your requirements are the “must haves” in your relationship, otherwise you would not enter into the relationship or you would leave if you were in it. Make a list of your non-negotiable deal-breakers and vow not to get involved with anyone who doesn't meet all five. Share your list with your closest friends and make them swear to tell you the truth and to lock you up if you get off-track.

4. Good job. Now, let's get crystal clear about this "dating" thing

If you want to avoid the deadly dating traps, focus on these Four Steps for Conscious Dating:

• Scouting: This is the process of finding compatible people to meet, whether through internet dating sites, through friends, through getting out there, etc.

• Sorting: This is about quickly determining if someone you meet has potential. You’ll need to have your top five requirements handy.

• Screening: This step is concerned with collecting enough information about the other person to determine if your requirements would be met.

• Testing: This step involves dating a few times so that you can compare the reality with the information you gathered.

That's it... nothing more, nothing less. No "trial" relationships, no fun flings -- just these four steps.

5. Get support

Don't do this alone. Dating can be scary and isolating, and your friends and family can be your safety net to help you stay on track.

6. Work it!

Most people meet their soul mate through someone they already know, so let people know you're looking for someone and network like crazy.

7. Be positive and happy

Success breeds success, just as misery loves company. It’s your choice.

8. Be the Chooser!

Go after what you want and don't simply react to what or who chooses you.

9. Be assertive!

If you settle for less, you'll get less. Ask for what you want and say "no" to what you don't want.

10. Live a great life NOW while you're single

"If you build it, they will come" (from the movie "Field of Dreams").

©2006 by David Steele. All rights reserved in all media.

David Steele, MA, LMFT is founder of Relationship Coaching Institute and author of the ground-breaking new book for singles Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World.


Dating Lessons


Lesson #1: When Searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, Look Out for Mr. or Ms. Wrong!

The qualities of Mr. or Ms. Wrong versus Mr. or Ms. Right center on key relationship issues. Some of these include addictions, violence and other destructive habits, emotional and financial stability, reciprocity in meeting mutual needs, your partner’s relationship with your family and friends, and his or her attitude toward committed relationships and marriage.

A marriageable partner, a Mr. or Ms. Right, has positive characteristics in all these areas (doesn’t abuse drugs or alcohol, gets along well with your family, etc.). A less-than-suitable Mr. or Ms. Wrong possesses negative characteristics in these areas (takes illegal drugs or picks constant fights with you).

Enjoy the attention you receive when beginning a new relationship, but don’t fall for that attention until you get to know the other person better. If you look out for deal-breaking traits from the very start of your relationship, you’ll will protect your emotions and allow yourself to open your heart to the right person.

Marcia Augustine | | 770.499.8932

Lesson #2: Know When to Say No!

When you were two years old, you had no trouble saying “no” and with every fiber of your being. As adults, we have lost the ability to stand up for ourselves, even though that two-year-old still exists inside of us. The key to knowing when to say “no” is to tune into that inner child. Feeling tightness in your stomach? Experiencing frequent headaches? Are you in situations that leave you feeling used or unappreciated? These are clues that it is time to pay attention to your feelings.

While I wouldn’t suggest that you scream “no” like a two year old, try standing up for yourself. Consider what makes you uncomfortable and ask yourself what resolution you would like. Write down some responses that you can deliver calmly. Then find a good friend with whom to practice your delivery. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and to meet your own needs first. Learn how to say “no” to wrong situations, so you can say “yes” to the right ones.

Sandra Rohr | WellSprings Coaching | 714.774.8540

Lesson #3: Relationship Red Flags

An acquaintance recently got divorced from her second husband. He was an alcoholic and a gambler who lost all their savings playing video poker games. Didn't she know before the wedding that he liked to gamble and drink? Yes, but she thought he would change after they got married. His drinking and gambling were red flags that she ignored while dating.

Many singles don't pay attention to the red flags waving in front of them. They ignore the warning signs, hoping the person will change and the red flags will go away. However, this rarely happens.

When we're in love we can be blind to relationship red flags. This is where friends and family can help. Introduce your date to them early on in the process. Then, pay attention to what they have to say. Your friends and family know you well and can often spot red your relationship red flags well before you do.

Kathy Stafford | | 704.795.9596

Lesson #4: In the Meantime, Enjoy Your Life

In earlier times, young girls embroidered linens for their hope chest. Every year, they added to the piles of linens to take with them into wedded bliss. But, what about those who never married? Did the linens simply stay in the hope chest until they disintegrated? Applying this to single men and women: What about those who decide they can never be happy alone -- those who buy into the lie that they are not enough by themselves?

Sadly, when we accept this defeatist attitude, not only do we fail to enjoy the life we have, but also we are far less likely to attract a partner. So what do we do? Get out there and live! Create a delicious, fabulous, gorgeous, and satisfying life. Pursue your passions with passion. Seek out and join groups of people who love what you love. Expand your circle of friends. Travel. Take lessons. Volunteer. Take yoga. Throw parties. Get high on life. When that special partner does appear, he or she will be the absolute icing on the cake! Go for life!

Sandra Rohr | WellSprings Coaching | 714.774.8540


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