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December 2006

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Feature Article:
The Chemistry of Love

By Linda Marshall, RCI Director of Couples Programs is not an emotion but a physiological drive as powerful as hunger

As we noted in last month’s article, phenylethylamine (PEA for short) acts as a “love drug” stimulating feelings of euphoria during the early stage of a relationship. We noted that this altered state of infatuation suppresses the part of our brain designed to warn and protect us from danger.

Author, anthropology professor, and human behavior researcher, Helen Fisher, Ph.D., is one of the major researchers in the field of interpersonal chemistry. She has studied romantic love in 170 societies and found it to be a universal phenomenon and bears all the basic characteristics of addiction. In her research, she has found that MRI images of the brain reveal that the cognitive area of our brain actually loses blood when we are in love!

Dr. Fisher’s research has revealed that there are different hormones driving sex, romance, and attachment; the three most common aspects of love. Fisher reveals that love is not an emotion but a physiological drive as powerful as hunger. Romantic love is actually a basic drive that has evolved for the purposes of mating and reproduction.


The sex drive is driven by testosterone--a libido-enhancing, energy producing chemical secreted in the testes of males and ovaries of females. On average, the men produce about twenty times more testosterone than women. What do you suppose that means?


In the breathless phase of romantic attraction we are elated, full and overflowing with energy, and obsessed with our love interest, thinking of them almost every waking second and often dreaming of them while we sleep. This is a period of extreme pleasure in which we feel more alive and are more alert; thinking and acting more quickly than usual.

This response is involuntary and enhanced by increased levels of naturally-occurring dopamine and norepinephrine. Novelty of any kind, especially when infatuated in a new relationship, increases levels of these two chemicals in our brains. The elevated activity of these two “love drugs” increases the production of testosterone, linking our attraction to someone with our desire for them sexually. It is a time when sexual tension is overpowering.

An interesting phenomenon that occurs simultaneously is a decrease in serotonin, the chemical that eases tension and produces a sensation of relaxation. Our system is truly excited and experiencing a sustained “high."

During this time we focus our attention on our love interest and everything that occurs between us takes on special meaning. Along with our euphoria commonly comes swings of insecurity and fear that our love interest isn’t as interested as we. We develop an emotional dependence upon the other and experience separation anxiety when not in their presence. Our craving for emotional union is intense and difficult to control. We can become possessive as we guard our lover from the intrusion of any outside threat. We are protecting life’s greatest prize--a mating partner.

Fisher states that in general, men are more visually stimulated because their brains are wired to accommodate their search for a woman to give them healthy babies, while the memory part of a woman’s brain is wired to accommodate her need to find a man who keeps his promises. And thus this ensures the survival of our species.


And, love changes over time. Eventually the euphoria subsides as we settle into the next phase, attachment, characterized by feelings of security and calm. At this point, oxytocin and vasopressin are the chemicals at play in our bodies. Oxytocin is released during orgasm in both the male and the female. In the brain, both these chemicals are involved in social behavior and bonding. Researchers believe these chemicals are in play in supporting the formation of trust between two people and the bond they experience during sexual activity.


Dr. Fisher is the guiding force behind the matching technology of the on-line dating service, It has long been known that we tend to be attracted to people similar to ourselves—with the same ethnic, social, religious, educational and economic background. This also extends to our attraction to people with a similar amount of physical attractiveness, a comparable intelligence and parallel attitudes, expectations, values, and interests.

What is only beginning to be known is that the chemicals in our bodies affect our personalities. Dr. Fisher has identified four personality styles that accompany the characteristic dominant level of one of four hormones- dopamine, serotonin, estrogen, and testosterone. These personality styles are also predictive of whom we are more likely to be attracted.

Higher Dopamine = “Explorer”

Someone with high levels of dopamine Fisher calls an “Explorer.” What makes an explorer a desirable partner is their high energy, high creativity, and spontaneity. They tend to be artistic and seek novelty, risk, and pleasure. They are intellectually curious and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. The challenges in relating to an explorer are their propensity toward addiction and their tendency to philander.

Higher Serotonin = “Builder”

Someone with high levels of serotonin Fisher calls a “Builder.” What makes a builder a desirable partner is their calm demeanor and low anxiety. They have a deep attachment to their home and family and are often consistent, loyal, and protective of those they love. They have managerial skill; are sympathetic and cooperative. They work hard and have a lot of common sense. Their patience gives them the ability to complete detailed, painstaking jobs more easily than most people. The challenge in relating to a builder is their propensity to be “right” and to know the “right way” to do things.

Higher Estrogen = “Negotiator”

Someone with high levels of estrogen Fisher calls a “Negotiator.” What makes a negotiator a desirable partner is their idealistic, big picture thinking. They are relational, egalitarian, non-hierarchical, intuitive, flexible, and excel at long-term planning and consensus building. They usually have high verbal and social skills, tending to be networkers who are imaginative, capable of deep empathy, and nurturing. The challenge in relating to a negotiator is their absolute need to establish a deep connection with you.

Higher Testostrone = “Director”

Someone with high levels of testosterone she calls a “Director.” What makes a director a desirable partner is their daring, originality, directness, and inventiveness. They usually are good leaders who are conscious of rank and appropriate behavior. Achieving positions of power and influence often comes easily to them. They can be very assertive and tough minded, focusing on schedules, rules, and routines. They tend to be competitive and efficient. As an independent thinker, they are skilled at abstract thinking and short-term planning. The challenge in relating to a director is their mental inflexibility and limited social sensitivity.

According to Fisher, Builders are best matched with Explorers, and Directors are best matched with Negotiators. Negotiators, with their flexibility, empathy, and nurturing abilities, are compatible and sought after by all the other personality styles.

This part of Dr. Fisher’s work is so new that we learned about them from attending a lecture and at this writing there is little published information about these personality types. We look forward to learning more about her work and sharing with you in the future.


Conscious Mating requires we understand what motivates us, what we are feeling and why we are feeling it. We are complex creatures driven by primal biological forces as well as our higher cognitive abilities. Successful relationships depends upon our ability to make good long-term partner choices and understanding the chemistry of love enables us to "balance our heart with our head."

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Linda MarshallLinda Marshall, M.Div., lives in Centerville, Ohio and is Director of Couples Programs for Relationship Coaching Institute as well as in private practice as a relationship coach specializing in working with couples, both over the telephone and in person.



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