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October 2006

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Feature Article:
Brain Development and Relationship Choices

By Linda Marshall, RCI Director of Couples Programs

...When experiencing emotional intensity our frontal lobe can go on vacation and we become giddy adolescents again. In Conscious Mating we wish to understand and acknowledge the role of our brain chemistry in our relationship choices

There are many unconscious forces at work in every stage of a relationship that have the potential for undermining your best efforts to sustain love if you are not aware. Being fully aware is difficult and controlling the outcome is impossible. You improve your chances for success in making long-term choices if you can uncover the unconscious biological and emotional forces that may be influencing you. In this article we’ll look at brain development as a biological force that might be at play when you are making relationship choices.


Adolescence and young adulthood appears to be a very busy time for that wrinkled lump behind your forehead. Researchers are finding that our brains don't stop developing until our mid-20s. Understanding how your brain develops might motivate you to change how and when you make long-term relationship choices. When you’re growing up there is a lot more going on than the hormonal changes that have traditionally been attributed to changes in teen behavior.

The first areas of the brain to mature are the extreme front and back sections which control basic functions such as processing the senses and movement. Areas involved in spatial orientation and language (parietal lobes) follow. Areas with more advanced functions (integrating information from the senses, reasoning, and other "executive" functions) mature last.

In an adult, the frontal lobe of the brain carries out a lot of executive functions like planning, goal-directed behavior, judgment, and insight. This particular part of the brain influences and manages the more emotional or gut part of the brain, which is key to understanding behavior. As an adolescent the emotional or gut region of your brain experiences more activation while the frontal lobe matures later. The result is a stronger tendency to act out impulsively without regard to the consequences. This makes you more spontaneous and less inhibited. To appreciate consequences you have to think through the potential outcomes of a choice. Since the reactive part of the brain develops first, and the responsible part of the brain last, as a teen or young adult you may not be developmentally mature enough to anticipate negative consequences of the choices you make. The way the information comes into your brain, how the information is organized, and then ultimately your response may be very different from a mature adult’s response.


Teens process emotions differently than adults. Mental efficiency in solving emotion-related tasks suffers with the arrival of puberty, when gray matter volume in the frontal lobes is at its peak. The ability of the white matter to help the gray matter in the frontal lobe communicate with the midbrain is still under construction. The midbrain reward system is where romantic love exerts its powers.

As a teen the parts of your brain related to emotions and decision-making are still developing. There is a question amongst researchers about whether or not adolescents can be taught to be more discriminating in interpersonal communication. As your developing brain undergoes rewiring, as a teen you are particularly vulnerable to risky behavior. The amount of stimulation needed to activate motivation differs in your adolescent brain than in your adult brain. Adolescent brains react intensely to novel experiences. To get the same rewarding feeling as a teen you need the added excitement that comes from risky behavior.

While this explains our motivation, it’s no excuse for reckless behavior or taking big risks. Understanding consequences and what's going on inside your head promotes good choice-making. Cultural context is important as well. Even with frontal lobes that are not fully developed, as a teen you can learn to control your impulses if you are immersed in a culture where being conscious is of high value.


What is only beginning to be understood is that human brain circuitry and development doesn’t reach full maturity on average until the early to mid-twenties. Some brain researchers estimate that the brain matures at 20-21. Others estimate that it is closer to 25-26. These are the ages at which you are making career and relationship decisions that will impact the rest of your life. And yet you may not be fully equipped to manage your impulses and make good long-term choices until your brain reaches maturity—perhaps as late as 26 years old.

Your brain’s frontal lobe—the part of the brain that controls social activity--seems to undergo a lot of development during the teen years. At this time when your teenage brain is changing rapidly, relationships matter a lot to you. This is the time in your life when friends are more important than family and what other people think of you is crucial. It is a time when you are considering the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is a time when you may even meet and decide to enter a committed partnership or marry the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

So, what are the implications of the timeline of development of the frontal lobe? While as a teen or young adult you may appear to be mature and have advanced intellectual and reasoning ability, the link between your seat of judgment and problem-solving (frontal lobe) and the emotional center of your brain is the last connection to be fully established. This link is crucial to emotional learning and self-regulation. And so as a teen or young adult you may not be as mature as you and others sometimes think you are. While you appear to be physically mature, your brain may in fact be still developing and important neural connections necessary for adulthood not yet established. You may not appreciate consequences or weigh information the same way as adults do.


If you are one of the many adults who believe that one of the things that you feel most limited by is your ability to have a really good relationship, a really intimate relationship with another person, it is very possible that you didn’t learn these skills growing up. We hope that by being aware of those unconscious forces at work in your relationship choices we can balance our youthful impulsiveness with mature, responsible choices and learn effective life and relationship skills at younger and younger ages.

Researchers are only beginning to understand brain development. If you’re over 25 and wondering why this is important for you to know, we’d like to point out how common it is for us to regress in our functioning when we’re excited about a new relationship. When experiencing emotional intensity our frontal lobe can go on vacation and we become giddy adolescents again ignoring (or rationalizing) long-term consequences. In Conscious Mating we wish to understand and acknowledge the role of our brain chemistry in our relationship choices and seek to balance our excitement in the moment with our long-term vision, goals, needs, and requirements.

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Linda MarshallLinda Marshall, M.Div., lives in Centerville, Ohio and is Director of Couples Programs for Relationship Coaching Institute as well as in private practice as a relationship coach specializing in working with couples, both over the telephone and in person.



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