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July 2006

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Editor- David Steele
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Relationship Coaching Institute

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Feature Article:
25% of Americans Have No One to Confide In

By David Steele

The only time I read USA Today is when I'm traveling and staying at a hotel that provides a complimentary copy to guests. On June 23rd, the morning after I arrived in Atlanta for the Smart Marriages conference I retrieved the paper from outside my door and a headline on the front page immediately caught my attention-


Declining supportive social relationships is now front page national news! The article cites a study in the June issue of American Sociological Review "Social Isolation in America" authored by Lynn Smith-Lovin, et al, which can be viewed here

Study Highlights

80% of people confide only in family
9% confide only in a spouse
24.6% of people have no close friends
43.6% confide in no-one or just one person

The trend is that we increasingly confide only in our spouse and/or family, and our "voluntary" (non-kin; in other words- "friends") social ties are diminishing. We are becoming an increasingly isolated society.

Three Kinds of "Friends"

In my experience many people have lots of relationships they identify as "friends" yet they have few or no close, supportive relationships. I've found the following distinctions helpful in assessing social connections in relationship coaching:


Intimates are people you allow into your inner circle as your closest friends and confidants. They are like family to you, and may include family members. You tell them the whole truth about yourself and your life, and rely on them for support when you are most vulnerable. You share all your joys and sorrows with them. These are people you would call first in an emergency, would trust them with your life, and would allow yourself to borrow or lend money to if needed. If you relocated, you would stay in close touch with them. . If you are like many people today, it is possible you don't have anyone like this in your life.


Friends are people you get together with to have fun and socialize. Often, they are your friends due to a shared interest (sports, hobbies, etc) or proximity (neighbors, co-workers, etc). It is common for friendships not to extend beyond the interests you have in common, but if they do, it is usually fun-oriented (such as spending a weekend together), and limited in authentic intimacy. If you relocated, you would most likely lose touch with them and make new friends.


Acquaintances are people you know, but don't get together with socially. They might be neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, fellow students, people from church, etc, that you chat with when in proximity, and you may even like them a lot, but have not pursued a friendship beyond the context in which you happen to share proximity.

In my opinion the study finding that "25% of Americans Have No One to Confide In" is really saying that 1/4 of us don't have "Intimates," which matches my observation as well. I know many people who have many friends and still feel lonely. I've met many that are very busy and active in community groups, have lots of relationships that qualify as "Acquaintances," yet have few Friends and no Intimates.

See the end of this article for a link to a useful relationship coaching tool for helping your clients to assess and build their supportive social relationships.

The Role of Technology in Social Relationships

Technology has a very real impact on society. Alvin Toffler (author of Future Shock) said-

"If you go back to the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine was not just technology. It transformed our way of life; it gave rise to an entirely new civilization."

With the rise of television, VCRs, DVDs, DVRs, cable television, satellite television, on-demand television, console video games, portable video games, ipods, personal computers, the internet, cordless phones, cell phones, cell phones with more functions than a swiss army knife (my treo gets e-mail, surfs the web, and much more), we are raising a generation that increasingly uses technology to passively entertain themselves, prone to obesity, internet addiction, and isolation.

My observation, as well as others, is that the use of technology to communicate creates distance in human relationships. Cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, e-mail, and the emerging video chat, video e-mail, and video conferencing give us instant access to each other without the intimacy of physical closeness. This is clearly changing our relationships and creating, as Toffler said, "an entirely new civilization." The logical outcome is in the USA Today headline "25% OF AMERICANS HAVE NO ONE TO CONFIDE IN."

Last month I wrote an article commenting on singles' over-dependence upon the internet- Frustrated with Internet Dating? Top Five Ways to Find Your Mate Without a Computer. I made the comment-

In some ways, using a computer to find your soul mate is like trying to cook a souffle in a microwave. Some things just require time, effort, and the human touch.

While I'm a self-professed gadget-hound who embraces technology, I'm alarmed at the ways technology is negatively impacting our relationships.

What Can We Do?

As relationship coaches I believe we need to support our clients to have successful relationships in all areas of life. We are social beings and survive and thrive in a community of supportive relationships.

You will find a unique exercise for helping your clients assess and improve their social support networks here

© 2006 David Steele– All rights reserved.

David Steele, MA, LMFT is founder of Relationship Coaching Institute and author of the new ground-breaking book for singles Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World



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