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April 2006

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1 Free Tele-Seminar: Hot, New, Creative Ways to Get Clients April 5
3 Free Tele-Seminar:  Secrets of Happily Married Men April 13
4 New Series! Secrets and Strategies of Successful Relationships Tuesdays
April 4, 11, 18
5 Free Training:  Introduction to Relationship Coaching Tuesdays
April 4, 11, 18

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FREE TELE-SEMINAR: Tuesday, April 5th -
9am Pacific/12pm Eastern/5pm UK

Hot, New, Creative Ways to Get Clients

with David Steele, Jeff Herring, and special guest Annie Jennings

Are you running out of ways to get new clients? In this seminar Annie Jennings, David Steele and Jeff Herring will cover more than 12 new and creative ways to get new clients.

We are confident you will learn strategies you haven't heard of or tried, such as:

  1. Tupperware party
  2. Fundraiser
  3. Own your niche by building a niche community
  4. Target your ideal client and invite them to hire you
  5. Opt-in freebies on website (gems- audio, e-book, e-program, send book or CD, unadvertised bonuses)
  6. Publish articles online and in print
  7. Teleclasses/conference calls

And, many more! You'll find the above strategies described in this month's Feature Article in our Getting Clients newsletter- Our Top 7 Creative & Exciting Ways to Get New Clients .

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Free Conscious Relationship Tele-Seminar Series:  
Secrets of Happily Married Men

Thursday, April 13
5:30pm pacific/8:30pm eastern

Secrets of Happily
Married Men

With Scott Haltzman, MD

Half of all marriages in the U.S. end in failure. In about two-thirds of these cases, the wife precipitates the divorce. In many cases, the man is blamed for the dissolution of marriage based because of his inability to meet his wife's needs. Yet studies show that men can have a great influence on the success of the marriage if they just do the right thing.

Maintaining a healthy marriage extends a man's life expectancy and increases his lifetime earnings, but it also has protective effects on a woman. Married women have less risk of domestic violence, a greater chance of having health insurance and greater levels of happiness than those who are single or divorced.

Men CAN learn to improve their marriage.

This seminar will cover:

  • Ways that men have been viewed as unskilled in relationships, a bias that is perpetuated by popular media and even reinforced in some forms of therapy

  • Relationship strategies that appeal to men by recognizing men's unique communication style (for instance, men tend to use less words in emotional conversation,) and some of the hormonal and brain structural differences that explain this style

  • Specific strategies of listening and conflict management for men that can improve marital satisfaction

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NEW! Free Teleclass Series Starts April 4  

Secrets and Strategies for Successful Relationships at Home and in Business

with best selling authors
(and RCI members)

Paul and Layne Cutright

Tuesdays, April 4, 11, and 18, 2006
3:00pm pacific/6:00pm eastern

Program #1: Tuesday, April 4, 2006:
Get Over It for Good! Conflict Resolution That Really Works

Program #2: Tuesday, April 11, 2006:
High Performance Communication Skills That Build More Trust and Understanding in Any Relationship

Program #3: Tuesday, April 18, 2006
How to Find and Transform the Hidden Beliefs That Rule Your Relationships

As always, we'll record these programs for those who can't make the live teleclasses.

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This series is Free! I hope you will join us. Paul and Layne's work is outstanding and I'm excited to share them with you.


Introduction to Relationship Coaching

Starts April 4

Learn how to coach singles, couples, and develop a successful Relationship Coaching practice, taught by RCI founder David Steele and his teaching staff.

Introduction to Relationship Coaching includes 3 one-hour tele-classes, Tuesdays, April 4, 11, and 18, 2006; 9:00am pacific/Noon eastern.

Class #1 How to Coach Singles April 4
Class #2 How to Coach Couples April 11
Class #3 How to Build a Successful Relationship Coaching Practice April 18

Each class includes practical information and materials you can use immediately in your practice.

Can't make our training dates/times? Each class is recorded for those unable to attend, and we also offer an ON-LINE VERSION.

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Welcome New RCI Coaches

The following professionals recently joined our ranks:

Linda Robert, MA

Ontario, Canada

Michael Schein Dania, FL
Kathleen Sims Concord, CA

Feature Article:
Top Ten Practices of Enlightened Partnerships

By Paul and Layne Cutright

Are your relationsips shipshape?

Relationships are in many ways like real, seagoing ships. Just like a sailing vessel needs regular, constant care and upkeep, your relationships need regular care and upkeep. The crew of a sailing ship is knowledgeable in the standard practices of seamanship, which is absolutely required to maintain a ship's seaworthiness. Unfortunately, most people are not knowledgeable in the standard practices of maintaining their relation-ships.

Yet, most people in relationships of any kind are usually focused on the goals of the relationship, whether building a life or a business or a community center. There is very little attention paid to the relation-ship itself. And often, somewhere along the voyage of life, the relation-ship is unable to withstand the inevitable and predictable storms of life that can damage both the individuals in the relationship and the relation-ship itself. Maintaining a strong, stable, satisfying relation-ship requires knowledge and skill - neither of which is commonly taught in our culture.

Enlightened relationships are distinguished both by the shared vision that guides the relationship as well as the standard practices of its partners. Enlightened relationships are created and maintained through specific standard practices. Unfortunately, these practices are uncommon in a popular culture gripped by fear and ignorance. But, through the commitment to learn and use these practices, the individuals and the relationship are elevated to new heights that uplift and evolve the soul.

Below we offer for your consideration our Top Ten Practices of Enlightened Relationships to help you in building and maintaining strong, durable and enlightened relationships.

1. Write down the purpose and desired results for your relationship. A relationship without a stated purpose and intended results is like a ship setting sail without a chart or plotted course. The purpose should be stated in a way that lifts the spirit of all partners.

2. Make choices grounded in love rather than fear. Become aware of your automatic reactions that are based in fear and look for the love choice instead. Ask yourself, what would love do or say in this situation?

3. Mutually agree upon strategies for dealing with predictable break-downs, i.e., miscommunications, upsets or disagreements and use them when needed. It is important to have these strategies in place before the breakdowns occur. It is difficult, if not impossible, to create and implement them in the middle of a breakdown.

4. Commit to win/win outcomes; don't settle for anyone being the loser. For the relationship to win, all participants in the relationship need to win. If anyone in the relationship loses, the entire relationship loses. Keep asking questions that lead you to the win/win outcome.

5. Practice “high performance” communication from the heart. People respond positively to the expression of heart-felt truth because it builds trust, even if they don't agree with it. High performance communication involves four specific skills, plus the ability to listen without judgment for the concerns of the other person that may be hidden behind their words.

6. Assume personal responsibility for your emotional reality and refrain from blame. Blame and projection will pollute the emotional climate of a partnership faster than anything.

7. Take the initiative for the satisfaction of your own needs and wants and make clear requests of others that inspire their cooperation. Don't wait for people to guess what will make you happy. Nobody likes to endure demands or covert manipulation.

8. Share power rather than struggle for it. Let go of the need to be right all the time. Value others ideas and perceptions as being as valid as your own. Heal your unresolved power/authority issues from the past.

9. See problems as opportunities. Every problem contains the gift of spiritual development within it. Learn to unwrap the package.

10. Nurture a conscious relationship with your Soul. The more spiritually attuned you are, the more enlightened you and your relationships will be.

© 2006 Paul and Layne Cutright – All rights reserved.

Layne and Paul Cutright are relationship coaches and teachers who have been offering secrets and strategies for successful relationships at home and in business since 1976. They are authors of the best selling book, You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think – Secrets and Strategies for Resolving Any Upset Quickly and Easily. You may learn more about Paul and Layne’s work at their web site – where they offer a free online program called Successful Relationships 101 and other resources for your relationship success.



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