My All-Time Favorite Relationship Tool for Couples

Free webinar- My All Time Favorite Relationship Coaching and Self Help Tool for CouplesA gift from Relationship Coaching Institute just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Years ago I created this tool when struggling with my own relationship, and it worked really well. Then, I started using it with my clients and they loved it.

When I started Relationship Coaching Institute I added it to the strategies we use for coaching couples and it has been used successfully by hundreds of coaches with thousands of couples over the years.

This tool can be used in the context of relationship coaching and it’s simple enough that a couple can use this on their own with excellent results (as long as they both participate).

It’s free, it’s easy, and you’ll love it!

It’s cool, and until now I’ve never shared this tool outside of RCI trainings and my own practice.

So in this Year of the Relationship Coach, just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to share this outstanding tool with YOU!

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