How Coaching Changed My Life

Does coaching really work?

Most coaches enter this profession because coaching changed their life and they become passionate about helping others do so as well. So we asked our members to share how coaching changed their life and the response was thrilling! From local practitioners to world famous experts, the transformational impact of coaching is inspirational.

Brian King, RCI member and full-time Autism and ADHD specialist

Brian King

De Kalb, Illinois

Brian’s life changed when his coach helped him see that his self doubts were not objective fact. Brian was able let go of sabotaging limiting belefs and transformed his life, marriage, parenting and business!

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Martha, RCI member and Clinical Sexologist

Martha Lee

A divorce left Martha in a very dark place. Meeting a relationship coach changed her life. Martha’s coach helped restore her self-confidence and set her on a path to accomplish her dreams. Today, Martha’s life mission is to share with others the light that she found in her work with her coach.

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RCI Member and Family Coach Yasmin Abouelhassan

Yasmin Abouelhassan

Cairo, Egypt
Alberta, Canada

Yasmin’s business was struggling until her coach helped her identify and address her low sense of self worth that was connected to her business results. Since then Yasmin made some big changes, both inside and outside, and now enjoys success and prosperity. She exclaims, “I feel like a genie, set free from his lamp!”

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RCI member and Matchmaker Sheryl Spangler

Sheryl Spangler
Charlotte, North Carolina

Sheryl’s life changed when her coach believed in her more than she believed in herself. Her coach helped her to be confidant and persistent in her dream of becoming a relationship coach. Today she runs a highly successful matchmaking and relationship coaching business!

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Esteban Irigoyen

After some serious marital problems Esteban was looking at a divorce. However, the real estate market in Argentina was terrible, so he and his wife were stuck living together while they struggled to sell their house in the bad economy. Eventually Esteban got the idea to use his coaching skills with his wife. which completely revived their marriage and saved Estban and his family from divorce.

(3 min)

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