Lewis Denbaum, Fairfield, Iowa



Why did you become a relationship coach?

“I’ve spent years working to recover from the devastation and pain of failed marriages and the trauma of divorcing with children. We studied the field of human relationships, took dozens of seminars and gained both wisdom and practical training from top relationship experts as well as spiritual teachers. “

What was your experience with your RCI training?

“Excellent training, very valuable information, helpful staff, sense of team, a spirit of generosity.”

What was your biggest challenge in becoming a relationship coach and how did you overcome it?

“Just taking and having the time to do everything thoroughly.”

What does your coaching business look like now?

“I do private coaching for singles and couples, teach the Conscious Dating program to individuals and groups through teleseminars and face to face workshops, teach couples enrichment workshops.”

What do you think is the most important thing that contributes to your success as a relationship coach?

“My conviction and belief that being a coach is exactly what I’m meant to do. I want to share information and love. I love working with the team at RCI as well.”

Any advice for new or prospective relationship coaches?

“Once you are at work, pick one big thing each day (a stretch) and do it before you do anything else. Listen to the advice and wisdom of RCI. There is a lot of experience and wisdom there. (why reinvent the wheel)”