Kim Morse


Why did you become a  relationship coach?

“I was single for 13 years and had been looking for my soul mate that entire time. I stumbled across a relationship coach and started my journey of being conscious of who I was and what I was passionate about. I learned that the reason that I was dating the wrong men over and over had nothing to do with the men, but everything to do with me. After meeting Bob, the love of my life, it became a huge desire for me to help others manifest the love that I had found in my life.”

What was your experience with your RCI training?

“My experience was truly life changing! You can not come through the training at RCI without a huge transformation. RCI not only provides excellent, insightful trainers but a phenomenal amount of resources that gives you everything you need to be successful. They were instrumental in teaching me that it is not only what you know, but how you are there for your client, just as they were there for me.”

What was your biggest challenge in becoming a relationship coach and how did you overcome it?

“I think the hardest thing for me at first was that I did not come from a therapist or coach background and so many in my first class had years of experience in the field. I felt a little intimidated and overwhelmed in the beginning. But with the help and encouragement of all my RCI traniers, I quickly realized that I was unique and had something to offer. The training, as stated before, was so thorough that you have a confidence and know that you have all the tools you need.”

What does your coaching business look like now?

“My coaching business is ever changing and growing primarily because I have been growing and changing. I have focused primarily on singles up to this point doing seminars and one-on-one coaching. I started a group in the Tampa area called the Tampa Bay Relationship Cafe. Although I continue a Facebook page, I made a decision not to continue with the Tampa group because of my other passion, which is sailing. My husband/soul mate and I live aboard our sailboat and have chosen to be mobile. I have a new vision that will be taking me further into working with couples and I am looking forward to that being manifested very soon in the future. This vision is couples retreats onboard a brand new catamaran name “IntimaSea” which will combine both my passions of coaching and sailing.”

What do you think is the most important thing that contributes to your success as a relationship coach?

“I am extremely passionate about coaching and I think this truly is the most important thing. I do it because I love it. It has become a spiritual practice for me thus allowing me to be in a state of presence that I believe is a primary function of being successful in helping my client to see their obstacles and have the courage to break through them.”

Any advice for new or prospective relationship coaches?

“The same advice that I would give anyone.   Allow your passion for the work to guide you.   RCI is the best place to start and each person comes through with their own perspective and talents.  RCI has so mucn to offer that it can seem overwhelming at first, but you will not find another program that gives you the knowledge, the skills and the business guidance the way that RCI can.”