How to Help Singles and Couples Have Radical Relationships

When thinking about becoming a relationship coach, you might be asking yourself:

Who needs relationship coaching?
How can I help singles?
How can I help couples?

– Some singles want a relationship but aren’t ready to date.
– Other singles are ready to date but have no clue where to start.
– Most singles hate “dating” and are in despair of ever finding “the one.”

– Some couples are in trouble and really need therapy but prefer coaching as less stigmatizing.
– Other couples have an “OK” relationship and are comfortable but dissatisfied.
– Most couples want “more” from their relationship but don’t know where to start.

Add to this mix singles that have given up and don’t believe love is possible for them, and couples who are not yet committed living together, even having babies while asking themselves “Is this the right relationship for me?” and you can easily see that- YOU ARE NEEDED!

Here’s how to help singles and couples have radical relationships. Enjoy!



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