How to Get Clients on the Radio

Relationships are one of the hottest topics for morning radio shows in North America.

Imagine speaking in front of 50,000 listeners for free tomorrow morning!

Believe it or not, even in today’s age of smart phones, Netflix and the internet, broadcast radio has become the number one way of reaching consumers in 2016. Amazing new stats show 90% of U.S. adults tune in to am/fm radio every week.

While it may seem retro, radio has been the audio version of Reality TV for the past decade. It’s not just about entertainment and telling jokes – listeners are looking for real answers in their lives. And radio delivers – but what many shows are missing is qualified experts who truly understand how to connect with listeners and deliver great interviews.

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How to Get Clients on the Radio

Check out this outstanding interview with Wayne Kelly, an award winning morning show radio host who shares his Insider Radio Secrets so you can get as much free publicity as you want and become the go-to relationship expert in your area!

You will learn:

  • How to reach tens of thousands of potential clients from the comfort of your home or office
  • Why radio NEEDS Relationship Experts like you
  • How to become the go-to Relationship Expert in your area
  • Why it’s critical for you to be proactive and send topics to the media
  • How to create a compelling Media Release
  • Where to find new relationship topics every month
  • How to be a great interview and get invited to return
  • How to convert listeners into clients
  • Where to find the Radio Station contacts

Featured Guest: Wayne Kelly

Wayne Kelly is an award winning Morning Radio Host who is ON THE AIR every weekday morning interviewing guests and entertaining listeners! He’s been hosting the Wayne and Jayne Show for 16 years at EZ Rock in BC, Canada…and he can’t wait to share an hour with you!

His clients have been on CNN, Rachel Ray, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, Oprah and Friends Radio Network, NBC Nightly news, and Radio Shows all over the world!

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After hosting morning radio shows for nearly 20 years, Wayne Kelly is on a mission to rid the world of bad interviews! You’ll learn how to use the power of Radio and TV interviews to turn listeners into clients using free publicity.

Learn to be your own publicist and get in front of millions of your ideal clients using the power of radio and TV Interviews.

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