Free recorded training- How to Coach LGBT Clients

Are you ready for LGBT clients?

lgbt-webinar-1013Here’s a tip- if you think you can help LGBT clients just like your straight clients you are NOT ready for LGBT clients!

In this era of growing acceptance and the increasing freedom of gay marriage, perhaps you’d like to reach out to gays and lesbians. Maybe you already have some LGBT clients and want the skills and understanding to help with their unique concerns.

Either way, sooner or later LGBT clients WILL find you. Are you ready?

Top 5 Myths About Coaching LGBT Clients

Join host David Steele, with guest experts Mary Gorham Malia – Founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach, and Mark Reinert – Founder of the Male Healthy Touch Club, for a discussion of the unique issues of clients who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

In this program you will learn-

  1. The myths and realities of sexual orientation.

  2. Unconscious assumptions of well-meaning therapists and coaches that can be harmful to LGBT clients.

  3. How gay men and lesbian women are dramatically different.

  4. The impact of chronic cultural stress on self-esteem and relationships experienced by all LGBT men and women.

  5. Common stereotypes that can cause you to come across as judgmental and hurtful (and you’ll never know because your clients will be too polite to tell you).

Register here for immediate access to this stimulating and eye-opening program that will deepen your awareness and understanding of the culture and realities of your future LGBT clients

Register here for immediate access to this unique and outstanding recorded program

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About the speakers:

Mary Gorham MaliaMary Gorham Malia is the founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach and the Live Your Best Lesbian Life Tele-Summit, a global event featuring 16 amazing lesbians who live their lives out loud and successfully.

Mary Gorham Malia is a “gay girl” who’s passed the age of 50, raised two children, and came out later in life. She now finds the wisdom of being a bit older to be the salvation she always wanted. She’s a seasoned life traveler with a commitment to reach out to the lesbian nation and make a difference for lgbt women everywhere

As the founder and organizer of lesbian focused community groups in multiple states, with members numbering in the thousands, she brings her
unique philosophies to women dating women wherever she can.


Mark ReinertMark Reinert is a business and relationship coach and erotic educator who discovered coaching during a decade spent helping faith-based humanitarian workers in over 20 countries thrive under some of the world’s most difficult conditions. When he recognized and chose to embrace his gay identity, the step into authenticity cost Mark his career and social support network. Mark adapted quickly by drawing on the creativity and resilience learned during his childhood spent as part of an American family living in the Amazon rainforest.

Since 2004, Mark has been fiercely committed to guiding gay and bisexual men who want to experience remarkable relationships, erotic fulfillment and solid self-confidence. During this time
he has offered over 100 workshops and founded the Male Healthy Touch Club which has impacted thousands of men in North America and around the
world. His clients regularly report discovering new dimensions of wellbeing, self-acceptance and relationship connection. As a business mentor, Mark also supports coaches who want to expand their impact and income with ease.


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