How to Build a Successful Coaching Business in 10 Minutes Per Day

with David Steele and E.G. Sebastian

Building a coaching business is challenging and overwhelming for most new (and experienced) coaches, who end up wasting enormous amounts of time and money on strategies that don’t work, then become stuck, paralyzed, and many give up their dream of professional and financial freedom to return to their J.O.B..

Yuck. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you.

Here’s a recorded webinar featuring coaching industry pioneer and leader, David Steele of Relationship Coaching Institute, author of The Million Dollar Private Practice and other ground-breaking books, shares the secrets he’s learned from 35 years in private practice and 20 years of training and mentoring coaches to build highly successful coaching practices, and E.G. Sebastian, founder of myClientAttractionAcademy and one of the largest and best LinkedIn support groups for coaches.

In this program you will learn:

– How to work smarter and not harder to build a successful coaching business in only 10 minutes per day

– The top five things you MUST do to be successful as a professional coach

– The top five things you must NOT do to be a successful professional coach

– The #1 secret that nobody talks about that will guarantee a highly successful coaching business

If you want a successful coaching business be sure to review this program!

This is our gift to you, no selling and no strings attached. We sincerely want to share what we’ve learned in our decades of experience in the coaching industry to help you build a successful coaching business as efficiently and affordably as possible.