How to Get Clients and Get Paid What You’re Worth


Are you passionate about helping people?

Do you struggle to get paying clients?

Do you dread these four little words: “I can’t afford it?”

Many helping professionals feel guilty about charging for their services. Here are 5 reasons why I think this happens:

  1. Student Mentality: You feel as if you have a lot to learn, and haven’t yet mastered your craft
  2. Charity Mentality: You want to be of service and help others, and have a hard time “forcing” people to pay for it
  3. Empathic Mentality: Your fee feels “expensive” to you, so you only charge what you, personally, would be comfortable paying
  4. Anti-Profit Mentality: You dislike and distrust the business-oriented profit motive
  5. Money Issues: You are uncomfortable with money, don’t like dealing with money, feel like you don’t have enough money — yet don’t want to put effort into making money.

Good news! We’ve put together a comprehensive training for getting clients and getting paid what you’re worth! In this program you will learn-

  • Five steps for attracting full-fee, private pay clients excited to work with you
  • Discussing money with your prospects in a fluid, easy, and effective way
  • Setting, collecting & negotiating your fees without anxiety
  • Five simple questions that will get you hired
  • Two easy, positive, and powerful strategies to convert “I can’t afford it” to “YES!
  • Bonus! My favorite strategy for getting a client any time you want (by itself, this game-changer can fill your practice)

Sound good? The ability to finally get paid what you’re worth is tremendous and life-changing. Check out this business-transforming program here


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