Free podcast download- How to Build a Million Dollar Private Practice

Building and Marketing Your Million Dollar Private PracticeHere’s a great interview of our founder David Steele, author of Building the Million Dollar Private Practice on the Business Freedom Podcast with Barbera Aimes.

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Interview Highlights

  • The #1 marketing mistake that coaches and therapists make … and how to easily avoid it
  • The Golden Rule vs the Platinum Rule
  • The 7 habits of the Million Dollar practitioner

Key Quotes

  • “Entrepreneurs, the people who innovate, can become millionaires and billionaires. Unfortunately in the helping profession, there are very few millionaires. Somehow what we do isn’t as highly valued as creating the next electronic widget.”
  • “We are literally creating a business out of thin air. And we’re creating the business that fits us.”
  • “At some point you need to learn how to embrace your inner entrepreneur. Learning about sales and marketing and business is a start. And hiring coaches and support is important because here’s a fact: You cannot be successful alone. So please don’t be a lone ranger.”
  • “Think about how much money you want to make in your business. If you want to be on the cheap, go on a shoestring, try to get everything for free and not pay for anything, then you are holding yourself back.”
  • “Most private practice professionals are totally passionate about what we do, and we are looking at our work through a really thick lens. We are in love with our own stuff. I’m the number one guilty of that. However, what I’ve had to learn over time is to pay really close attention to my target audience. Who are they, what are their needs, what works for them? What language appeals to them?”
  • “If you want to stay in balance and you want to be effective, you are going to work smarter not harder. So spending hours doing something that you are not good at doing, is not working smart.”
  • “To be an entrepreneur is to have a creative approach to your business. Is being willing to create something out of thin air that makes a difference in the world.”
  • “You have talents. You have gifts. The world needs you. It doesn’t serve the world for you to play small.”