Doris Helge

Why did you become a relationship coach?

Before I became a coach, whether I was providing counseling, business consulting or therapy, it was heartbreaking to notice that most people had never discovered how to create the loving, supportive relationships they crave. It’s been such a blessing to be able to help people leave relationship pain behind and enjoy the relationship bliss they never thought possible.

Even though most people receive little, or no, training to ensure relationship success, rewarding relationships are absolutely essential for every area of your life. The quality of your relationships elevates or deteriorates your health, your happiness and your income. During relationship coaching, you become crystal clear what you need and want in every personal and professional relationship. You discover the joy of self-discovery. For a minor investment, you create major positive results.

What was your experience with your RCI training?

I originally signed up with RCI for training because of the RCI materials, which I use with some of my clients.

RCI is a heart-centered, constantly growing, evolving organization dedicated to make sure everyone wins . . . clients, coaches and our entire society.

RCI training contributed immensely to the success of my business. I coach clients around the globe and I truly appreciate the never-ending flow of excellent resources that RCI provides.

What was your biggest challenge in becoming a relationship coach and how did you overcome it?

“As my business continued to build, I had less and less time to develop the specific support materials my clients needed. RCI has an extensive library of materials RCI coaches can access, so the problem was solved.”

What does your coaching business look like now?

As clients come and go, my practice is consistently about “90% full”. I coach clients from around the world via phone and skype and my teleclasses are also well-attended.

It’s especially fun to go to sleep every night after reading unsolicited testimonials from clients that make me smile.

What do you think is the most important thing that contributes to your success as a relationship coach?

“I’m always interested in learning and growing personally, as well as a coach. There is nothing more rewarding than being of service. We earn this privilege with consistent self-discovery and professional training.”

Any advice for new or prospective relationship coaches?

“Stop agonizing about how many clients you have and focus instead on growing your skills. Before you know it, referrals will fill your practice.”