Live Couples Coach Training (via telephone and internet)

The Couples Coach Live Training was designed to provide you the skills, support and confidence needed to work with couples.  Participants access the course materials through an online “Classroom” and call in weekly to meet with their instructor and class mates using their telephone or Skype. The curriculum includes:

Professional Coach Prerequisites*:

  • Coaching Ethics and Conduct (PC1-EC)
    This course will cover the entirety of the ICF Code of Ethics and ensure student understanding. Class will review, discuss, and engage in exploration and application of these standards. There will be exercises that help the students practice decision-making through their
    understanding of the ethics. This course will also support them in comfortably articulating what they offer as a coach, discussing their agreements, and mastering their intake process. The latter, in direct support of them applying their ethical knowledge to the intake process. Thus, further supporting their ethical integrity by ensuring they are the best coach for the client, and the client’s specific situation.
  • Coaching Core Competencies (PC2-CC)
    The professional standard in the coaching industry is highlighted in this informative, and in-depth exploration of the ICF Core Competencies. Not only are these areas of focus the foundation for the most valuable professional coaching skills, but they also provide practical tools for maximizing the coaching relationship.
  • Inspiring Transformation (PC3-IT)
    What are some of the big, game-changing ideas in the world of personal development? In this program we discuss and review several key concepts that will help you coach powerfully. From your ‘come-from’ as a coach, to the underlying principles of coaching in action – everything is fair game. This program takes the Core Competencies conversation to the next level: Application in an ongoing coaching relationship, combined with your style, techniques and emerging science.
  • Coaching Labs (PC4-LAB)
    Before it’s your turn to coach, be a fly-on-the-wall! The coaching lab observer program allows you to enjoy the lab experience, learn from your peers, and ready yourself for your own opportunity to participate. Then you move into the full lab experience. Working with your instructor and a partner, in an intimate practice lab, is an amazing opportunity to advance your coaching skills. This safe and supportive setting will provide you the space, and the safe feedback, to hone your ability to demonstrate the Core Competencies with ease and confidence.

*Already a certified coach?  These courses will be optional for you.

Couples Coaching Specialty Courses

  • Foundations of Coaching Couples (C1-CCF)
    This program provides the foundational relationship coaching tools and skills required to work with couples.
  • Coaching Pre-commitment / Pre-marital Couples (C2-PCPM)
    This program provides specific coaching tools for working with pre-commited and pre-marital couples, focusing on issues that are specific to these demographics.
  • Coaching Committed Couples (C3-CCC)
    This program provides specific coaching tools for working with Committed Couples.
  • Coaching Advanced Partnerships (C4-CAP)
    This program provides specific coaching tools and skills required for working with functioning, committed couples who want to deepen their level of intimacy and connection, and co-create a blissful union.


Course Format, Schedule and Time Commitment

Classes are scheduled regularly throughout the calendar year. Live training classes are included in RCI membership and offer a fully interactive and deep learning experience. Certification as a Certified Relationship Coach for Couples is available to coaches who attend live training classes.

The core courses in the couples track are either one or two days per week, depending if they have a lab associated with the course.   Participants can expect to spend 90 minutes in each class/lab and an additional 2-6 hours per week to complete reading assignments, homework, and buddy coaching. The core courses are offered in succession so you can complete your study in as little as 32 weeks.

Meet our Couples Coach Trainers

Annette Carpien
Annette Carpien 
About Annette: As a Lead Trainer for RCI’s Foundational and Pre-committed Couples Programs I bring my personal experience and marriage education training by many of the world’s relationship experts, to help our members find, grow and thrive in their own love relationships, so they can share their experiences and knowledge with their clients.
More about Annette here

Kim Morse 
About Kim: As an Instructor for RCI’s Couples Coaching Program I love helping train our coaches to acquire the very unique ability to coach a couple and the dance required for coaching two people as opposed to a single client. I trained with Gottman Institute and trained with RCI and certified as a Master Relationship Coach. I am also a Mentor Coach and help empower other coaches to have successful and fulfilling coaching practices. My coaching practice is non-profit Sailing Happily Ever After, Inc., I partner with couples with amazing and adventurous lifestyles to have an equally amazing and adventurous love life. I help them be clear about their vision and resolve any conflict or obstacles that can get in the way of living their dreams. I am a USCG Sailing Captain and live on my boat with my amazing husband and partner Bob.
More about Kim here

Here is what people say about our Couples Coaching training:

Gary Robertson Kim is an excellent instructor. She presented with clarity, shared her expertise as well as her own relevant personal experience in coaching as well as her own experiences in life. She has a great balance of gravity and buoyancy. She was very affirming, offered clear critic and suggestions. She made the class interesting, compelling. She engaged us in the material. The review of coaching sessions while terrifying to me (Just kidding :<) were excellent, constructive deep dives into our specific approaches. She did an excellent job reviewing and explaining the concepts and applicable tools to be used when coaching pre-committed and pre-marital couples. It really came through that she is a master couples coach. She was an excellent coach to us as well: encouraging us in our learning, valuing our differences, noticing our successes. This was a fun and very clarifying, equipping class for me.

I have worked with couples as couples therapist for 18 years and I learned things in this class, was given tools that I wish I had much earlier than now. I also am fully “In” on coaching and so glad to be able to leave the therapy world behind, while I am grateful for it, this has been so renewing, revitalizing and further equipping me for working with couples. I am excited again!!

Just want to say that I believe that David’s work, model, paradigm for pre-committed and pre-marital couples is a real breakthrough. I have worked for years with couples, have completed the three levels of Gottman training. I have also used Prep, Prepare and Imago resources. I also did premarital couples counseling for years as a Presbyterian minister. I have seen in vivo, couples locked in the pinnings of commitment and yet not right for each other.

Ok, a long statement (smile) to say, the Pre-committed and Pre-marital coaching concepts and tools are a huge breakthrough. I have not seen anything like this anywhere else. I now have the tools, strategies, paradigms and concepts to help couples find partners for life and avoid relationships that are broken and don’t work. Tremendous!! ~ Gary Robertson

Brooke Miller The Couples Training was such an amazing experience in so many ways! First, I have found everything David Steele writes to be clear, insightful and applicable. He has an amazing talent for distilling complex material into simple, accessible truths with concrete suggestions for implementation. He is a genius in the relationship field!! The instructor, Annette Carpien, was always so warm, approachable and positive. She did such a wonderful job of presenting the material, answering any question that was thrown at her and encouraging class discussion. My work as a therapist has been positively impacted by many things I have learned in this course, and my work as a Relationship Coach now has a solid foundation to build on. On a personal level, I have learned what is possible and how to reverse-engineer the relationship of my dreams! Many, many thanks to RCI for all of the invaluable information and support. I am so grateful I made the decision to join! ~ Brooke Miller

Tieu Nguyen “Annette’s coaching, explanation of the material and sample questions to use for labs made the principles of Committed Couples easy to understand and use.” ~ Tieu Nguyen

“Annette was a good instructor she had a very warm voice and attitude and was very encouraging as an instructor.” ~ Hana Dunham

“Thanks Annette and Lori you both make coaching very relaxed and easy to do. I know with time I will be able to be confident with my coaching practice. The questions and insights that was brought up in class made me take a much broader view about relationships rather they are pre-committed, committed or blissful marriage. Beside the plethora of tools to our disposal Annette and Lori equipped our class to be excited about the coaching field. Thank You!!!!!!” ~ Dawn Stallworth

“I recently completed the couples coaching training, and the work David and Linda have done is excellent! What I gained is equal in value to the benefit I received from RESTS. Now I can be immediately available to every potential client, whatever their current relationship status.” ~ Deki Fox, Delavan, WI

“I just finished Couples Coaching Training Level III. I have been so pleased with my journey with RCI. The level of support, information, guidance, enthusiasm, professionalism and competence is remarkable. We all wanted the class to continue. How fortunate we are to have teachers, mentors of that caliber. What an opportunity to be with one that is so competent, knowledgeable  and a mentor that was willing to go beyond. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to learn from a mentor such as Linda.” ~ Diane Schaffer, MA, Oakland, CA

“Your ‘pulling it all together’ during the last class of the Couples Coaching Training helped me realize how much we covered and how much I learned in this teleclass. I now have a much better understanding of the skills we have as coaches to use with our couples clients and I’m excited about using them with my future clients. Your depth of experience working with couples was very evident in this class, and you presented the material in a way that will enable us to effectively use the tools we learned with our clients. Thanks for your energy and dedication.” ~ Barry North, Ph.D., Seattle, WA

“Annette Carpien is a seasoned professional coach and instructor who models the skills being taught. She is respectful of her students from diverse backgrounds/professions. I have grasped the foundational piece to couples coaching, and I highly recommend her for relationship coach training. ” ~ Terri Lyke