Carol Page


Carol Page

Why did you become a relationship coach?

“I was already an established Personal Life Coach but I realised I need to specialise. A common theme that was coming up amongst my existing clients was relationship issues, so it seemed appropriate to take further training in this area. I did my research, looking for organisations that were providing on-line Relationship Coach training and the RCI was by far the best available. I then got in touch with a number of RCI coaches on the directory to find out how they had found the training.”


What was your experience with your RCI training?

“I had lots of questions about how the course would run, but a call to Frankie helped to answer those. It was pretty easy to sign up and then I began my RCI singles training. I loved it and really looked forward to the weekly training call which was always packed with really useful stuff. The weekly Labs were also really useful as we gained experience of coaching one another during the call on the homework material for that week. I found it very soul-searching as I went through the material I would later be taking my own clients through. I also gained confidence in the process and familiarity with the material.”


What was your biggest challenge in becoming a relationship coach and how did you overcome it?

“My biggest challenge was further defining my niche and getting myself known as a specialist in that area. Doing the Singles III Applications training and then the Private Practice Mentoring Secrets training, also with RCI, helped me to overcome that and to define the area of Relationship Coaching I wanted to specialise in. Both these programs were full of really useful, practical information to help get my business running more professionally.”


What does your coaching business look like now?

“Now, in addition to my Life Coaching website I also have a Relationship Coaching website; I have 2 newsletters going out each month and a list of over 400 people. I am well known in Cyprus where I live, as a Personal Life and Relationship Coach, and I am gaining clients from other parts of the globe. This year I have developed my Soulmate Discovery Program which I am currently delivering to 2 clients and I plan to launch it early next year with a big webinar series, aimed at increasing my list of contacts. My own coach is working with me on setting up this event. My aim is to be working with 1000s of people across the world, helping them to live fulfilled and happy lives with the person who is right for them.”


What do you think is the most important thing that contributes to your success as a relationship coach?

“Having a coach of my own. By working with someone with more experience than me, I am constantly being supported, prompted, encouraged and empowered to move in the direction I ultimately want to go. Now my business is more professional, I have a very exciting product and I am motivated to get it out there to people who are longing to meet the love of their life.”


Any advice for new or prospective relationship coaches?

“If you are considering doing relationship coach training, do your research. Find out what else is out there and also contact some of the coaches on the RCI directory, as I did, to ask them how they found the training. In my experience there is nothing to compare, but find that out for yourself.”