Meet  Annette Carpien, Couples Lead Trainer

What I do:

 As a Lead Trainer for the Couple’s Programs I bring my personal experience and marriage education training by many of the world’s relationship experts, to help our members find, grow and thrive in their own love relationships, so they can share their experiences and knowledge with their clients. My mission is to offer hope and skills, insights and tools for singles who want a healthy, thriving, lasting relationship, and for couples who are in the midst of power struggles and communication breakdowns. I want this for children who deserve a stable, loving home, who will learn, for better or worse, about marriage and relationships through observation and personal experience.


  • Certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance.
  • B.A. degree and teaching certification from University of Buffalo, NY
  • Landmark Education, Self-Expression and Leadership Program
  • Various Relationship and Assessment Trainings
  • Toastmasters, public speaking group, CTM status
  • Kripalu Yoga, many, many personal growth trainings


My marriage of 35 years just keeps getting better. Even when we are angry at each other, or feel invalidated, we know that our intention and commitment are to use our upsets as the fuel for understanding each other better, and to feel closer, and to make requests for different, and better behavior, to deepen our love. It works! We have a “juicy love”. We have 2 grown sons, a daughter-in-law and I am now an OMA (grandma) to the “other” guy in my life. I enjoy belly dancing, ballroom dancing and I also love to travel.

Contact Information: