About The Communication Map

A One-Page Communication System for All Relationships

communication needing conflict resolution

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Learn and implement in less than an hour
  • Universal — works for all relationships and settings: work, home, business, family,
    parenting, couples, etc
  • Tested and proven by hundreds of graduates of Relationship Coaching Institute
Designed to quickly and effectively address interpersonal issues and problems to prevent and resolve conflict, The Communication Map can be learned by anyone in less than an hour (47-minute “Quick-Start Tutorial” included).
The Wall prevents effective communication and conflict resolution The Communication Map emphasizes “functioning first” and unapologetically does not address feelings or the past. After all, we must survive before we can thrive.
Assuming that “issues are unmet needs” and that “all needs are valid,” The Communication Map teaches the important “Rules of the Road,” how to avoid “Road Blocks”  to effectively resolve almost any interpersonal problem and restore positive connection and communication in any relationship.
The Communication Map:
  • Easily and intuitively understood
  • Jargon-free
  • Provides immediate results
  • Easy to learn in one hour or less
  • Can be implemented without professional help
  • Versions available for gay and straight couples
photo: David Steele
David Steele
Intro to the Communication Map
Intro to the Communication Map (2 min)

Good communication and conflict resolution results in connection!

The Communication Map includes:

  • Two copies of The Communication Map: A One Page Communication System For All Relationships (8″ x 11″, laminated for durability)
  • 47-minute audio AND video tutorial
  • Top Five Communication Tips for Couples (on back)

The Communication Map for Couples
Practical, effective, and affordable conflict resolution tool
for personal and professional relationships

Order today and get immediate access to  downloadable digital version and two copies
(single order) of the  full-color laminated version!

If you’re a helping professional, teacher or professor, purchase in affordable bulk quantities
to pass out to all your clients or students.


Praise for The Communication Map

Relationship Coach Jacqueline PetersThe Communication Map is a wonderfully simple and practical tool not only for couples, but also for anyone in relationships. The one page visual of the Communication Map itself is excellent as a reminder of the steps. The e-book provides a clear description of the steps, as well as examples of the effective and ineffective ways that we can communicate when we are facing issues in our relationships. As a leadership, team, and relationship coach who focuses on the science behind high performance relationships, I found The Communication Map e-book to be soundly rooted in the behaviors that differentiate successful couples and teams. Overall, it is a well written, easy to read e-book that provides a simple tool that you can implement immediately to improve your important relationships.
~ Dr. Jacqueline Peters , CHRP, PCC
Relationship Coach Lois Barth ” The Communication Map is an important tool for mutual understanding, deeper communication and true listening. The best part is that it’s so simple and its application is immediate . My clients find The Communication Map to be an invaluable resource and appreciate it’ simplicity and effectiveness. It soothes, heals, and paves the way for each of the partners to feel truly loved and appreciated.”
~ Lois Barth , New York, NY
Relationship Coach LeAnn O'Neal “The Communication Map is so easy to use! Thank you, David Steele, for saving my clients time and money by creating a tool they can quickly implement themselves. I literally only take a few minutes to show it to them and they can use it independently. The Communication Map provides great value, is simple and easy to use, saves time and money, and promotes closer and more effective relating .”
~ LeAnn O’Neal , El Dorado Hills, CA
Relationship Coach Nathan Cobb “I have used your Communication Map in my practice quite a bit with great results. I’ve been impressed with the Communication Map as a practical communication tool that combines simplicity and effectiveness in one package. It’s intuitive, easy-to-learn, and captures the essence of how couples can work together to resolve difficult issues, create mutual understanding and feel more connected. Thank you David for creating this valuable resource.”
~ Nathan Cobb, Ph.D. , Alberta, Canada
Tara Kachaturoff “The Communication Map is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program for communicating more effectively with others , whether it’s with your spouse, partner, children or co-workers. Don’t let unresolved problems and conflict stand in the way of creating meaningful relationships. By following the Communication Map you’ll learn how to be a more conscious communicator to get your needs met while making it a win-win for both of you. I’ve used it and I know it works. It can work for you, too.”
~ Tara Kachaturoff , Birmingham, MI
Relationship Coaches Rick and Jo Harrison “The Communication Map is great – We got a quantity and gave them to all of our couple friends. We love it, they love it . Whenever one of us is upset we walk through the steps. It recently made a huge difference for one recent upset that we thought we couldn’t get past, but we got to what was really going on, made a request, an agreement, and the upset disappeared! Thanks so very much!”
~ Rick and Jo Harrison , Gisborne, Victoria, Australia
Relationship Coach Geoff Farnsworth “The Communication Map is a great tool that has helped my clients to reduce or eliminate unpleasant conflicts that used to end in arguing and disappointment. By using this simple, easy-to-learn method of conflict resolution, couples address their respective needs and restore harmony and satisfaction in their relationship.”
~ Geoff Farnsworth , Mullica Hill, NJ
Relationship Coach Bonitto Grange “I LOVE the communication map and the audio/video tutorial. Using this tool with couples leaves no room for miscommunication for either party. What I like is it empowers both parties to express themselves and really listen to one another. Not only have I used it with couples but also in my own relationship. It is the glue that can unite couples on a much stronger level.
Thank you for creating it.”
~ Bonitto Grange, Relationship Coach , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Practical, effective, and affordable conflict resolution tool
for personal and professional relationships

Order today and get immediate access to downloadable digital version and two copies of the  full-color laminated version!