21 Cool Facts about Coaching Singles

21 Cool Facts about Coaching SinglesThinking about becoming a relationship coach for singles? Here are 21 cool facts about coaching singles, and RCI, that you may not know:

About Singles and Conscious Dating®

1. Did you know that there are more singles today than ever in history?

2. Did you know that many who call themselves “single” are actually in a relationship? Go figure…

3. Did you know that there are at least Seven Types of Singles

4. Did you know that some variation of “How can I find my soul mate?” is the number one question singles ask, and is clearly and definitively answered on Page 117 of the Conscious Dating book?

5. Did you know that being single can be an opportunity and not a disease?

Conscious Dating® leads to Radical Dating®

6. Did you know that the origin of Conscious Dating® began with the 3-word epiphany of a burned-out couples therapist who just completed coach training? SINGLES BECOME COUPLES!

7. Did you know there are more than a dozen ways singles sabotage their search for lasting love? Check out Conscious Dating’s 14 Dating Traps.

8. Did you know Conscious Dating® is a ground-breaking book, workbook, individual and group coaching program, class, workshop, “Done for You” educational seminars and marketing presentations, an online virtual coaching program, and much more?

9. Did you know that Radical Dating® (think “Conscious Dating on Steroids”) was recently featured in a 10-episoide docu-series produced by an award-winning documentary film producer?

10. Did you know that Conscious Dating® and Radical Dating® are registered trademarks of Relationship Coaching Institute and may only be used by RCI members?

11. Did you know there are 3 types of dating? Do you know what they are? (see page 184 of Conscious Dating)

Undisputed Industry Leader

12. Did you know the Relationship Coaching Institute INVENTED relationship coaching for singles?

13. Did you know Relationship Coaching Institute is the first and largest relationship coach training organization?

14. Did you know Relationship Coaching Institute is the ONLY ICF-approved coach training organization that specializes in relationship coaching? We’re not a coach training supermarket- We do ONE thing, VERY well.

What? A Six Figure Income?

15. Did you know that most singles don’t really believe they can find what or who they really want, so they settle and end up unhappy? (they need a coach!)

16. Did you know that singles are ideal coaching clients? Most are motivated, functional, have a clearly identified goal, discretionary income, frustrated and daunted by the immense confusion of dating and relationships in today’s world.

17. Did you know that many dating “experts” have no training in coaching, counseling, therapy, or any helping methodology at all other than their own dating experiences? Save singles from self-styled dating gurus and become a relationship coach!

18. Did you know that you can be single AND be a successful and effective relationship coach for singles? Check out Do You Need to Be Perfect to Be a Coach

19. Did you know Relationship Coaching Institute is a member organization that provides marketing and practice building support in addition to training and certification? With our proprietary Coaching Business Success System™ you get everything you need to build a highly successful relationship coaching business!

20. Did you know that David’s best-selling book The Million Dollar Private Practice has it’s origins in providing coaching for singles in Silicon Valley, CA? And did you know that David filled his brand new coaching practice with singles within 90 days of launch?

21. Did you know that on the same day that you join RCI you can start marketing Conscious Dating®? RCI members get immediate access to all Conscious Dating coaching tools and “Done for You” marketing programs and materials.

21 Cool Facts about Coaching Singles[Take Deep Breath Here]

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