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The Communication Map ebookNew! The Communication Map ebook

Communication Map 20th Anniversary Edition

Click here to download to your Kindle!

Click here to download to your Kindle!

The Communication Map ebook is available here for immediate access in digital format, or through for your Kindle here

This excellent guide will walk you through the steps of The Communication Map, an incredibly simple, effective and easy-to-understand tool that can be used in any type of relationship: between romantic partners, parents and children, managers and employees, friends, neighbors, etc. Get your copy now!

Relationship Coach Lois Barth ” The Communication Map is an important tool for mutual understanding, deeper communication and true listening. The best part is that it’s so simple and its application is immediate . My clients find The Communication Map to be an invaluable resource and appreciate it’ simplicity and effectiveness. It soothes, heals, and paves the way for each of the partners to feel truly loved and appreciated.”
~ Lois Barth , New York, NY


The Communication Map for Couples The Communication Map

A One-Page Communication System for All Relationships
  •  - Simple and easy to understand
  •  - Learn and implement in less than an hour
  •  - Universal- works for all relationships and settings- work, home, business, family, parenting, couples, etc
  • - Tested and proven by hundreds of graduates of Relationship Coaching Institute

Designed to quickly and effectively address interpersonal issues and problems to prevent and resolve conflict, The Communication Map can be learned by anyone in less than an hour (47-minute audio AND video “Quick-Start Tutorial” included).

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     Two laminated copies will be shipped to you and
the digital version is included for immediate access

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Relationship Coaching Home Study ProgramRelationship Coaching Home Study Program

Not ready for training, but want to learn about Relationship Coaching?

Our Relationship Coaching Home Study Program will teach you to help singles and couples achieve their relationship goals from a coaching perspective. Affordable and 100% digital for immediate access!

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3d_trans180wConscious Dating Book

If your clients are single and seeking the love of their life, this is the resource they need!

Conscious Dating is the most enlightened book on the topic of dating for singles that I have come across.  –Joseph Dunn, Rockville, MD

Free Conscious Dating audio CD with book

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From Therapist to Coach bookFrom Therapist to Coach: How to Leverage Your Clinical Expertise to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice

If you’re a therapist who heard about coaching and wondered what all the excitement is about . . . If you want to work with more functional, private pay clients . . . If you’re passionate about building a successful business that makes a significant difference in the world . . . . . . This book is for you!

The definitive resource for therapists who are curious about coaching.  – Sharon O’Farrell, MIHA

The Million Dollar Private Practice bookThe Million Dollar Private Practice

Private practice professionals typically conduct personal, intimate services that address the biggest, most important human needs, goals, and challenges. In any other industry, the ability to solve such problems would attract venture capital investment far and wide, making wealthy the providers of such critical expertise.

The Million Dollar Private Practice is a masterpiece and provides an opportunity for every helping professional to succeed that has ever struggled in building their business.  – Gary Hensen,