Frequently Asked Questions about RCI

FAQ: Where and When are your trainings?

All RCI programs and member benefits are accessed by telephone (or Skype) and internet, so you can participate from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world!

  • For info about our Live Singles Coach Trainings click here
  • For info about the Self-Study version of our Singles Coach Training  click here
  • For info about our Live Couples Coach Trainings click here
  • For info about the Self-Study version of our Couples Coach Training click here

Our Self-Study trainings allow you to join RCI and get started immediately, jumping into the next live training at your convenience.

For the most up-to-date schedule and info about our live trainings, set up a call with us here or e-mail us here

FAQ: Why is RCI a member organization?

Our membership model allows us to provide our members with far more supports and benefits than any other coach training program, including:

  1. Affordable and easy to access training programs.
  2. Proven, proprietary programs and materials you can use to help your clients create successful relationships.
  3. RCI’s innovative “Business in a Box” and “Done for You” marketing programs make it easy to get clients and build your business.
  4. Unparalleled support and mentoring to help you create a highly successful relationship coaching practice.

FAQ: What’s included with RCI Membership?

RCI Membership includes:

  • World-class Relationship Coach Training and Certification
    (and be well compensated for getting dramatic results for your clients)
  • “Done for You” marketing programs professionally designed for singles and couples
    (saves you time, money, AND gets you clients!)
  • “Done for You” presentations, seminars, workshops and classes for singles and couples to use for your marketing and generate significant income from group programs
    (leverage RCI’s “Client Creation Machine” to fill your practice)
  • 1:1 VIP mentoring and support
    (we believe in the power of coaching and INVEST in YOUR success)
  • Unlimited downloads and use of Client Workbooks
    (clients and coaches LOVE our easy-to-use materials and structured programs)
  • Listing in RCI Find-a-Coach directory
    (we leverage our #1 Google-ranked marketing clout to drive traffic and clients to YOU)
  • Referrals from RCI websites and public service programs
    (can we GIVE you clients? Pretty please?)
  • Access to RCI Member Forums and Support Community
    (you will never again be isolated and alone)
  • Monthly Member Consultations and Support Tele-Conferences
    (stay connected and NEVER get stuck)
  • Publish your articles to RCI Newsletters for singles and couples
    (we put you in front of singles and couples who need YOU)
  • Present your webinars and tele-seminars to our network
    (This is GOLD! Gets you on a GLOBAL stage)
  • And much more…

For more information about our membership program click here

FAQ: How can I join Relationship Coaching Institute if I can’t afford the enrollment fee?

First, as an aspiring coach, it’s time for a mindset shift. Instead of “I can’t because….” it’s time to start asking yourself (and others) “How can I…?” There is always a way, and if you train your brain to look for new solutions to problems, you will be able to find the way to accomplish what you want. A bonus is that you will become a more positive person and more effective coach.

Affordable payment plans are available and be sure to check out these Creative Funding Options

When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember this- you haven’t.

— Robert Schuller

FAQ: Can I join RCI if I have no training or experience in coaching or other helping profession?

Yes! You would need to take our Professional Coach Training to learn foundational coaching skills in addition to our relationship coach training. This program is approved by the International Coach Federation and awards you certification as Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and applies towards ICF certification if desired.

FAQ: Can ANYONE become a Relationship Coach?

Almost anyone, especially, if you have the following characteristics:

  • Passion: you are passionate about relationships
  • Purpose: you have a strong desire to help others
  • Experience: you have enough life and relationship experience to relate to and mentor others (you don’t have to be perfect, our struggles are our best teachers)
  • Training/Mentoring: Coaching is a distinct profession with specific skills that cannot be learned from a book

FAQ: You provide practice building support and marketing support …what does that mean?

RCI practice building support includes:

  • Comprehensive practice-building programs such as our Quick-Start Program, Business Building Accelerator, Signature Speech Bootcamp, and more.
  • Individual mentoring and support with RCI staff and leadership
  • Collaborative support of our world-wide community of RCI coaches
  • Leader guides, workbooks, handouts, etc, for conducting classes and workshops for singles and couples, providing you a marketable service that generates immediate income and helps you attract clients
  • Proven business models for building a highly successful relationship coaching practice

RCI marketing support includes:

  • Your profile in our Relationship Coach Directory
  • Your articles published in our newsletters for singles and couples
  • Hosting your tele-seminar on our Conscious Relationship Seminar Series and Podcast
  • “Done for You” marketing materials and programs
  • Packaged programs including workbooks, handouts, etc. for seminars, classes, workshops, retreats, and more.
  • Professionally designed presentations and seminars for singles and couples with slides, handouts, etc
  • Referrals from our website traffic (ranked #1 in Google for “Relationship Coaching”)
  • Use of our books and products for your speaking engagements, building referral relationships, etc (Conscious Dating book, Radical Marriage book, Communication Map, Virtual Coaching Program, etc)
  • Coming soon– a game-changing marketing platform that allows us to GIVE you clients (contact us to learn more)

FAQ: How does Relationship Coaching Institute compare with other relationship coach training programs?

Founded in 1997, Relationship Coaching Institute is the first and largest relationship coach training organization. We are the pioneer and leader in the field of relationship coaching. While impressive, that’s just history.

Relationship Coaching Institute is the ONLY relationship coach training program that unapologetically specializes in personal relationships, relationship coaching for singles and couples. We are NOT a “coach training supermarket” and are proud that we do ONE thing VERY well.

And, what dramatically sets us apart is that we are a Business Development Program specifically designed to help you build a highly successful relationship coaching practice (see above FAQ). We don’t “sell” training by itself, EVERYTHING you need to be a successful relationship coach is included when you join RCI.

Warning- Do NOT select your coach training program by comparing price. In the real world you get what you pay for, and discount training programs are a waste of your time and money as they can’t possibly provide you the high quality training and support you need to be successful. For more information please review these Five Ways to Identify a Good Coach Training Program

FAQ: Who do I contact for more information about RCI?

Option 1: Make an appointment to talk with us!

We’d like to get to know you and help you determine your best membership option, review the training schedule, explain your member benefits and answer all your questions.

Schedule a telephone call with us and get all your questions answered here

Option 2: E-mail us here


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