Couples Coach Self-Study Program

Couples Coach Self-Study Program. Relationship Coaching Institute.RCI’s self-study program enables you to learn how to coach  couples at your own pace so you can join RCI today and be ready to work with clients next month!

Don’t worry… This isn’t a watered-down version of our training – in fact, it is the same curriculum and materials that are used in our live training. But, you can go at your own pace and convenience. Your online classroom is always open!

RCI’s Couples Coach Self-Study Program includes:

Foundations of Coaching Couples (C1-CCF)

This program provides the foundational relationship coaching tools and skills required to work with couples.

Coaching Pre-commitment / Pre-marital Couples (C2-PCPM)

This program provides specific coaching tools for working with pre-commited and pre-marital couples, focusing on issues that are specific to these demographics and includes RCI’s branded Couple for Life™ coaching program.

Coaching Committed Couples (C3-CCC)

This program provides specific coaching tools for working with committed couples and includes RCI’s branded Couple for Life™ and Radical Marriage® coaching programs.

Coaching Advanced Partnerships (C4-CAP)

This program provides specific coaching tools and skills required for working with functioning, committed couples who want to deepen their level of intimacy and connection, and co-create a blissful union. Includes RCI’s branded Radical Marriage® coaching program.

Please note: Our self-study program is excellent, but does not provide individual mentoring and attention of live training and does not apply towards certification.

How it Works…

Couples Coach Members are eligible to register for the self-study programs at any time. Once you register, they will be loaded into your individual Online Learning Center.

Easy to follow, state-of-the-art online Learning Management System

The classroom is set up to walk you through the curriculum. Each module is clearly labeled and you simply follow the instructions in order. All materials you need for the program is provided in the classroom. After completing each module, simply click on the next to continue through the program.

Coaching Practice

Your program wouldn’t be complete without actual coaching practice. Our self-study courses doesn’t include practicum, but there are multiple ways for you to get coaching practice included in your RCI membership and we highly encourage you to take advantage of these options while going through your self-study program. Coaching practice options include:

  • Sign up as a lab sub. In our live training, each class is separated into small lab teams to work on their skills. You are welcome to join one of the lab teams as a “sub” to fill in when needed. Positions always available.
  • Participate in our twice monthly Coaching Skills Open Labs. The most effective way to improve your coaching skills is to practice in the presence of others who can provide you honest feedback. Led by RCI Instructors, these labs give you a safe place to practice your skills and give you the confidence you need to succeed.
  • Practice with a coaching buddy. Don’t try to do this alone! We all need support to navigate life and your coach training is no exception. As a member of RCI, we can pair you up with a coaching buddy to practice your skills and support each other.

Additional Support Available

If you have questions while progressing through the program you have a number of options:

  • Bring your questions to the monthly Couples Coaching Mentoring Teleconferences. If you can’t make the call live, you are welcome to submit your question beforehand and you can access the answer on the recording.
  • Email support. Our member support team is always available.
  • Get the support of the RCI Community. Post your questions to the larger RCI community for lively discussion, feedback, and brainstorming.

RCI Membership Benefits

Couples Coach Self-Study Program. Relationship Coaching Institute.Self-study participants are full members of Relationship Coaching Institute and eligible for all benefits of RCI membership, including:

  • Jump into our live trainings at any time
  • Licensing of RCI’s Couple for Life™ (pre-marital/pre-committed) and Radical Marriage® coaching programs
  • “Done for You” marketing programs professionally designed for couples
  • World-class Training and Certification
  • Unlimited Downloads and use of Client Workbooks
  • Listing in RCI Find-a-Coach directory
  • Referrals from RCI websites and public service programs
  • Access to RCI Member Forums and Community
  • Monthly Member Consultations and Support Tele-Conferences
  • Publish your articles to RCI Newsletters for couples
  • Present your webinars and tele-seminars to our network
  • And much more!