The Communication Map Tutorial

The Communication Map Tutorial - A One-Page Communication System The Communication Map is a One-Page Communication System for All Relationships and includes:

  • The Communication Map (8″ x 11″, laminated for durability)
  • 47 minute video and audio tutorial accessible on this page (see below)
  • Top Five Communication Tips (on back)

Turn on your speakers and enjoy the Communication Map Audio Tutorial!

The Communication Map

A Short History of The Communication Map from David Steele:

The Communication Map is a tool that I developed 20 years ago in my practice with couples. I was searching for a strategy of how to help them with their communication in a way they could relate to, without jargon, that would help their functioning immediately, that they could learn in one session or less and then go home and actually use effectively and independently without my help. This was my criteria that no other communication model could meet, so I experimented and tested until The Communication Map came together as you see it today…

…Since developing The Communication Map I’ve heard from many, many people that they like it, it’s easy to learn and use, and is universal enough to use in any relationship, including parent/child, manager/employee, friends, neighbors, and so on. People are amazed that they can go home and actually use it effectively right away, making their life together more functional and harmonious immediately. I hope this will be true for you as well.


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The Communication Map ebookNew! The Communication Map ebook

Communication Map 20th Anniversary Edition

Click here to download to your Kindle!

Click here to download to your Kindle!

The Communication Map ebook is available here for immediate access in digital format, or through for your Kindle here

This excellent guide will walk you through the steps of The Communication Map, an incredibly simple, effective and easy-to-understand tool that can be used in any type of relationship: between romantic partners, parents and children, managers and employees, friends, neighbors, etc. Get your copy now!

Relationship Coach Lois Barth ” The Communication Map is an important tool for mutual understanding, deeper communication and true listening. The best part is that it’s so simple and its application is immediate . My clients find The Communication Map to be an invaluable resource and appreciate it’ simplicity and effectiveness. It soothes, heals, and paves the way for each of the partners to feel truly loved and appreciated.”
~ Lois Barth , New York, NY


The Communication Map for Couples

The Communication Map

A One-Page Communication System for All Relationships

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Learn and implement in less than an hour
  • Universal- works for all relationships and settings- work, home, business, family, parenting, couples, etc
  • Tested and proven by hundreds of graduates of Relationship Coaching Institute

Designed to quickly and effectively address interpersonal issues and problems to prevent and resolve conflict, The Communication Map can be learned by anyone in less than an hour (47-minute audio AND video “Quick-Start Tutorial” included).

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The Communicatio Map Tutorial - Buy Now.
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The Communicatio Map Tutorial - Buy Now.